Mar 19 2015

DIY Ideas: What To Do When You Screw Up – Men’s Edition

Unfortunately, it isn’t always the guy who is begging for forgiveness.  We make mistakes too! If you think this screw-up needs a little more than “I’m sorry,” we want to help! We’ve picked some of our “For Him” favorites that will end this fight for good!



We have a griller on our hands! If your man loves to barbecue, this is a totally creative way to apologize! He definitely won’t turn down the opportunity to throw a steak on the grill for a date-night dinner for two!

Via Make Something Mondays

DIY Sausage Heart Recipe

Sausage heart

Yum! Who says no to fresh breakfast in bed?! Get cooking, and say “sorry” with a delicious and cute way to start his day!

Via Ezzly

365 Reasons Why I Love You

365 days

Let him know how lucky you feel to have him every single day! Super sweet way to apologize and make it clear the reasons you love him are endless!

Via Small Town Sister

Sticky Note Hearts 


Nothing beats early morning smiles! Say “I’m sorry” with a mirror full of sweet messages written on sticky notes! Post them in the shape of a heart, and you have the perfect apology to start his day right!

Via Live Lives Here

Whisky Praline Pecans


This is a totally creative and tasty apology! He will love that you took the time to make him AND his taste buds happy! What part of a yummy treat doesn’t say “oops, my’re right” ?!

Via Cooking Cowgirl

DIY Alcohol and Cigar Bouquet

party bouquet

The tables are turned! Switch out the flowers for an awesome not-so-typical alcohol and cigar bouquet! This apology says “so sorry, today is all about you!”

Via Domestic Ingenuity

May the gifts be with you! Happy apologies!


Mar 17 2015

St. Patrick’s Day Hostess Gift Ideas

Today’s the day! St. Patrick’s Day parties are starting tonight and we found some awesome green hostess gifts! These say a big, green “thanks for having me!”

Green Jello Shots


These jello shots are a such a fun hostess gift that everyone can enjoy! The green twist for the occasion will be a total crowd-pleaser!

Via Open Source Food

Easy Chocolate Pretzel Bites

pretzel bites

Hostess gift and snacks for all! Chocolate pretzel bites are the perfect balance of salty and sweet and the green looks great!

Via lovefromtheoven

DIY Irish Cream


This homemade Irish cream is so creative! We love the mason jar and decorations – perfect for the Irish hostess!

Via Style Me Pretty

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies


Yum! These mint chocolate chip cookies look totally delicious! What hostess wouldn’t love some green cookies?!

Via The Food Charlatan

Ombre Veggie Tray


Have a healthy hostess on your hands! In honor of our healthy gifting theme, this green veggie tray is such a fun gift! Add some dips on the side to make it extra yummy!

Via Honest to Nod

Happy green gifting!



Mar 7 2015

DIY Ideas: For When You Think You Screwed Up – Women’s Edition

Everyone screws up. We totally get it and want to help you with the perfect apology! We’ve picked out some sentimental and personalized gift ideas that are the ultimate way to say “I’m sorry.” These DIY gifts are super easy to make, and we know it will be your best apology yet!

Photo Balloons: Romantic Apology


These personalized photo balloons are a totally romantic way to apologize! Just buy some balloons and attach each one with a picture of a few of your favorite memories. If you think your “oops, sorry” needs a little bit more, write a cute note on the back of each picture!

Via Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line

52 Reasons I Love You Deck of Cards: Sweet Apology

This deck of cards isn’t to win a game of poker, but they are an adorable way to win her over. We know you have 52 reasons you love her! Write each one on a card, and put them together like a small booklet for a nice and sweet “I’m sorry.”

Via Pinterest Addict

“Open When…” Letters: “In it For The Long Haul” Apology

This apology says, “I’m in it for the long haul.” Write 5-10 letters that each have “Open when…[your choice]” on the envelope. Inside, each letter has a sweet and comforting note. This way, it isn’t a one-time gift.  This one will last!

TGI Ideas: “Open when….you’re having a bad day…you’re stressed….you’re happy for no reason….you’re exhausted.” These are only a few ideas, and we know you’ll come up with many more!

Via Up To No Good

Date Night Basket: “I Truly Care” Apology

You know this needs to be fixed right now. Fill a box (neatly) with a few romantic items and include a note with an apology. This is an “I’m sorry” that shows you truly care!

TGI’s Perfect Date Night Box: A bottle of wine, a box of dark chocolate, any chick flick or drama and..if it’s really bad, a rose would be nice too!

Via Card Store

All About You Basket: “I Didn’t Mean To Be Selfish” Apology

This basket says a selfless “I’m sorry.” Fill it with small items where you can write a matching complement using a play on words. For example, a flashlight with a note that says “you light up my life” is perfect to show her how much she means to you. Another one of our favorites is “You’re my sweetheart” attached to a bag of candy Sweetarts (Sweet Tarts). This will make her laugh and lighten up the mood!

Via The Dating Divas

With these gifts, we guarantee you will be forgiven in no time! However, we aren’t positive this will work the second time around! Happy gifting!


Dec 13 2013

Holiday Gift Guides // As Seen On FOX Chicago + NBC Chicago


1. Gold Chambord Coffee Press//$70   2. Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stone Gift Set//$89.95   3. Sockscription//Starting at $30   4. Winter In Venice In Vegas Trip//Luxury Suites Starting at $149/night   5. Birchbox Sparkle & Shine Holiday Cracker Gift Set//4 pack for $58   6. Tresor Lolita Pendant//From $59 + 15% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT CODE   7. Paris Try The World Gift Box//Regular price $59.95 but $49.95 with INSIDER DISCOUNT   8. Carnivore Club//$50/month + get $10 OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT   9. Mermaid Tails//Regular price $60 but get 10% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT   10. Gold Initial Mugs//$10 


1. Concannon Irish Whiskey//$24.99   2. Glitz & Glam Gift Set from Sephora//Only $45 ($159 value)  3. Personalized Collar Stays//$19.95 for 2 and get 10% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT  4. Gift A Feast//$49.95 and get 20% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT  5. Birchbox Sparkle & Shine Holiday Crackers//$58 for a 4-pack   6. SS Print Shop//$35    7. Sphere Ice Mold//Set of 2 for $10.95   8. Mason Jar Shot Glasses//4-pack for $15   9. Holdaplate Cocktail Plates//Starting at $6.99 but 40% OFF in December   10. Carnivore Club//$50/month + $10 OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT


Dec 4 2013

6 Trending Gifts We Heart For The Holidays // Seen on NY1


1. Paris Box from Try The World Gift Boxes // On SALE for $49.95, regular price $59.95  + Free shipping with our exclusive Coupon Code

Try The World - Paris Box









2. Maple Wood iPhone Dock from Bushakan //  Regular price $155,  15% off  with our exclusive Coupon Code 

Bushakan Maple iPhone Dock











3. Personalized Men’s Silver Gifts from Charitable Creations // $19.95 for 2 collar stays + 10% OFF with exclusive Coupon Code

Charitable Creations - Men's Silver Personalized Gifts











4. Personal Tea Ceremony Set from Gift A Feast // $175 + 25% OFF with our Coupon Code

Personal Tea Ceremony from Gift A Feast











5. Leather Bound Personalized Books from Top Notch Gift Shop // $85 – $150

personalized leather bound books











6. Photo Sticky Cube from Exposures Online // Regular price $24.95

Photo Sticky Cube













Watch The Gift Insider chatting about all these Gift Ideas below on NY1 New York News!


Oct 16 2013

TGI Presents Soundwave Art // Dedicated Post

Perfect unique idea for a wedding gift, baby gift or romantic gift.  Check out their site directly at Soundwave Art or our product page for a 15% off code on TGI.


Sep 25 2013

Gift Wrapping Ideas // Pinterest


The simplest of gifts can go from ordinary to chic and unique through creative gift-wrapping. Dress up your gifts with some Pinterest gift-wrapping ideas! For more ideas follow our Gift Wrapping Pinterest Board!



Love Letter Wrapping Paper














Chalkboard Gift Wrap
























Rubber Bands as Gift Bows


Sep 18 2013

Gifts We Love // Vintage Marquee Lights (20% Off Coupon Code)

One of our latest Instagram posts spurred a lot of questions about these hip Vintage Marquee Lights we have in our Gift Insider office (T is for The by the way.) We’re kind of obsessed with them, so makes sense all of you are too.   Give just their first initial or go all out and spell their name, business, or a couples initials.

Mady by Vintage Marquee Lights, $229 per letter 20% discount code for users when you sign in.

And obviously, it’s about time you start following us on Insta

Vintage Marquee Lights

vintage marquee lights

Vintage Marquee Light


May 16 2013

Not Your Typical Wedding Gifts // 5 Gifts To Give Your Fave Mr. + Mrs.

We’re not anti-registry, but we do favor a creative gift over an expected gift. We’ve found 5 pretty cool gifts that would be an amazing addition to any couple that’s about to say “I Do.” PLUS, get up to 15% OFF on most of our picks.

personalized champagne tub

1. Personalized Champagne Tub // GET 15% OFF


wine for a wedding

2. Wine for a Wedding // Custom Wooden Wine Boxes



3. Thumbprint Art 


custom wedding bobbleheads

4. Custom Bobbleheads // GET 15% OFF


Photo-Lined Clutches

5.  Photo-Lined Clutches // GET 10% OFF




Apr 2 2013

Girlfriend Gift Ideas // What to Give When You First Start Dating

So you are in a new relationship and you want to hold onto this one.  Here are 3 key tips for girlfriend gift ideas when you first start dating.

1. Don’t set the bar too high (or scare her off) – no matter how much you really like a girl, we recommend starting off with sweet little gestures rather than anything over the top.  Play it cool here buddy, we obviously love diamonds, designer handbags and puppies, but when you first start dating, this is not the time to shower her with that level of gift. Hopefully, with the help of our advice, you will have at least a good 6 months to shower her with everything she deserves, pace yourself.

BakedByMelissa Girlfriend Gift Ideas

—> EXAMPLES:  little souvenirs from business travels, edible treats delivered from her favorite past local spots: Zingermans – Ann Arbor, Garrets Popcorn – Chicago,  Baked By Melissa Cupcakes  – New York, or something small and relevant to an inside joke

2. Flowers are a good way to start – every girl loves flowers, especially at the beginning of a relationship.  I’d start with sending to her house or apartment over the office just yet, it’s still early (but further in, office flowers are a great way to go).  Be sure to not go too romantic just yet, save the big bouquet of red roses for later on.

Gift for Girlfriend Orchid

—> EXAMPLES: Try an orchid, a modern bouquet, or a succulent. (for all of you ballers on a budget, try the $20 orchids from Trader Joes)

3. Make sure you buy something you are positive she wants for your first big purchase –  And I mean positive, AKA she has literally talked about it, ripped it out of a magazine or saved it to The Gift Insider wishlist 🙂  The last thing you want is your first big purchase to be a total bomb, especially if it’s something like jewelry or a purse that she’s supposed to wear every day.  We all respond to disliking a gift differently, some will return it, some will begrudgingly wear it, both awkward situations that you want to avoid.  After you kill it with your first big gift, then you can start to play around with picking her out what you think she might like (or using The Gift Insider’s Girlfriend Gift Ideas recommendations.)

Pinterest Girlfriend Gift Ideas

—> TIPS: Google her name + Pinterest to see her ultimate Wish List, take her to the mall and PAY ATTENTION to what she likes, talk to her friends, just make sure to be sure about this first one.

Still need help? We are starting our gift concierge service – feel free to call or email us and we can help you find that perfect gift for your lady.

Ladies, have any tips for the men?  What has scared you off, freaked you out or made your stick around?

photo credit: gsz via photopin cc
photo credit: romainguy via photopin cc




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