Jun 14 2010

Lots of Pics But No Gifts??

Make a canvas out of your favorite pics!

Bestcanvas.com can make any size you’d like.  It’s a perfect gift for a graduate moving into a new place.

Not only will it solve their bare white wall dilemas, but be sure to get a pic of family or friends and make them feel like they are at home no matter where they are!

Turn pics into art


Jun 9 2010

Make a Flip Book for Your Friends

I’ve always loved making books, movies, collages etc for my group of friends for big moments in our lives like graduations.

Memolio Flip Books makes it super easy to make something for the whole crew with very little effort necessary.

You pick 24 photos and they turn it into an adorable little flip book for your.

At just under $20.00 it’s a perfect price point to give one to everyone before you head off your separate ways!

Make A Flip Book


Jun 9 2010

Cloud 9 Living – Give an Experience Gift

Especially in times like these, many people don’t always need or want the tangible gifts they used to.

That’s why I am loving these “experience gifts” from a company called Cloud9 Living.

They have 1,000’s of different types of experiences you can pick from all over the country.  You buy a gift certificate that comes in a cute gift box and the recipient can pick their memorable experience of choice!

Definitely a more memorable gift than another scented candle.

“The Gift Of Passion and Dreams”


May 20 2010

Decor For Your Pad, Music for Your Ears

This is too cool looking to be a music player.  It really appears to more of decor than somewhere to put your iPod.

You should check this one.

It has touch light, so when you get close to touching it the screen comes up with your iPod info.  Pretty cool, pretty sleek, perfect for Dad or a Grad you really, really love.

Geneva Sound Lab


Apr 15 2010

Design Your Own Candy Bars

Chocri is a candy company that lets you completely customize your Chocolate Bar.

You can pick up to six toppings, your fav type of chocolate and even personalize the box.

Great graduation present.  It’s always tough to find gifts for a huge group of friends, this way you can get them all Chocri bars and pick the ingredients you think they’d like best!

Inexpensive, thoughtful, customized


Apr 10 2010

Dogeared Necklaces – Great for any occasion imaginable

Dogeared has great jewelry designs (the necklaces are my fav) for pretty much any occasion you can think of.

Great Valentine’s Day options, mother’s day, bridesmaids, best friends.  They have something for everyone and all pretty reasonable price points too.



Apr 5 2010

Design Your Own Purse!

Laudi Vidni is an e-commerce site where you can make your purse exactly how you like it… kind of a dream come true!

You can choose from eight different silhouettes and a bunch of different types of leather, sateen, and hardware. 

Make one for your Mom with her favorite colors. 

Prices range from $85- $795



Apr 5 2010

Keurig – Latest and Greatest Coffee Machine

Keurig’s are all the rage in the world of coffee machines.

It comes with K-cups that are pre measured, you can get coffee, espresso, tea, lattes, etc.

Great for an entertainer.  Make your guests any kind of coffee they’d like!

Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System


Apr 5 2010

Ihome for the Kitchen

ihome has pretty much came up with a way to play your Ipod anywhere these days.

Now make sure your Mom always has her favorite music around  – with this Ihome Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock Radio.

Make it even more special and make her a Mother’s Day playlist too.

iHome Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock Radio Speaker System for iPhone/iPod


Apr 1 2010

Best Gifts Are Ones That Say I Know You!

These candles are a great way to show someone you  actually had them in mind when you went out to by them a gift . 

Aromatherapy Intervention has a candle to fit every type of person and every mood.

They smell delish, are modern, fun and only $21.00!

Great gift to stock up on.




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