Mar 20 2013

4 DIY Bridal Shower Gifts We Heart from Pinterest

Corn-hole Wedding Set: The perfect gift to give to a bride right before an outdoor wedding celebration!


Confetti Balloon: Okay, so giving money isn’t always ideal. But for the girl on the go this may be your only option. Give cash in a fun and innovative way by filling a giant balloon with helium, confetti, and cash. Have the bride pop it open and she’ll be “showered” with confetti!



Bridal Spoons: Why not personalize a boring set of wooden cooking spoons by decorating them with a bride and a groom? Perfect for an artsy person ready to take on a DIY challenge!



Dinner For Two: Did your bride register for a colander? Why not pair it with a few smaller gifts with a similar theme. Try an italian colander bundle! Include a bottle of wine, extra virgin olive oil, handmade pasta, and some delicious sauce to top off the meal!



Check out more great DIY ideas from Pinterest on the TGI “For the Wedding” board!


Apr 8 2012

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas: Off The Registry

When it comes to wedding gifts, whether it’s for a shower or the big day, it’s hard to be creative because of that big list of gifts they already have laid out for you AKA The Registry. Now, we’re not knocking registries, because at least you know that what the bride & groom has on that list, they want…but what if you could get them something they couldn’t register for? Something personalized and something unique? So go for it, take a risk and wow them with something…

<<  in love with these personalized heart-shaped messages & pictures

<< a great “after the wedding” gift to remember their big day – an illustration of a wedding photo

<< give them “their day” and they’ll own the rights to their wedding date

<< guests do the videotaping for your wedding video- wedit

<< give them something to toast with on their 1st anniversary – wine & wooden box  with their date 

<< make the bride & groom the star of their own romance novel

<< give them “the wisdom of others” – a great option for a group gift

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas on Fox2Detroit with Gift Expert/Lindsay Roberts




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