Jun 4 2014

VANGO // A Virtual Art Curator for Affordable + Unique Art


It’s daunting and intimidating finding those first few special pieces of art for your real, adult home. Terrified at the thought (and price) of even walking into a shmancy gallery? But too old for your ratty framed concert posters?  Enter a new app we’re loving, VANGO.  Perfect for a unique Wedding gift idea or an alternative Graduation Gift.

The VANGO app let’s you take a picture of your empty space, gives you recommendations based on the colors of your room and can even recommend local artists based on where you are. It then lets you virtually see what different pieces look like “hanging” on your wall.  It’s  filled with one-of-kind work  by up and coming artists – so totally original pieces that will have your place pulled together in no time (and not a ton of $$.)

Prices start at $100 Enter code “BEOriginal” for 10% off.




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