Apr 7 2011

Knoxville Uses TheGiftInsider.com to Find Unique Gift for Jeff Tremaine!

Knoxville Uses Gift Insider to Find Unique Gift for Tremaine

Check out the blog post on EOnline that talks about Johnny Knoxville giving Jeff Tremaine a gift he found on TheGiftInsider.com.  He gave him this gadget that makes indoor rainbows any place you want. Fitting since Dickhouse Productions’ logo (the production company behind Jackass) is a big, huge rainbow.

We’ve known that Knoxville and the crazy kids at Dickhouse have been fans of The Gift Insider for a while now, they approached us in December to help them find cool and ridiculous gifts for clients for the holidays.

Goes to show that everyone could use some help finding sweet gifts, even celebs.

So excited the word is spreading to Hollywood …

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2 Responses to “Knoxville Uses TheGiftInsider.com to Find Unique Gift for Jeff Tremaine!”

  1. Shawn says:

    Awesome! Just goes to show you what fabulous finds The Gift Insider has!

  2. Liz says:

    Amazing gift ideas can be found through the Gift Insider!

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