Apr 18 2016

Gifts For The Man In Your Life That He’ll Actually Use

Everyone knows that buying a gift for him is no simple task. Finding a present that combines the perfect amount of “manliness” without being corny is a tough job. Whether it’s for his birthday, your anniversary or anything in between, The Gift Insider rounded up six of our favorite things for him to make your life a little bit easier.

1. PickPokit Guitar Pick Wallet 

For the creative guy, these guitar pick wallets are unique and convenient. Surprise him with something that shows that you took the time to truly appreciate his art.


2. Burly Candles 

These rugged candles from Burly.co are a must have accessory for every mancave & bachelor pad. Men want candles too and these outdoorsy scents are the perfect answer.


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3. Gift Crates

These crates are the answer for everyone in the dating phase. Gift Crates fills up wooden crates with tasty snacks, cool gadgets, and high quality gear.



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4. Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag

A shaving kit bag is necessary for the man that is always on the go. These Hey Handsome bags combine the perfect mix of practicality and cute with a little message on the bottom that will have him thinking about you more than he already does.


5. Floating Beer Pong

For the one the never wants to grow up! These floating pong sets are the perfect gift for the guy that likes to spend his weekends at the beach house with friends.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.59.33 PM

6. Blackwood Wallets

High-quality wallets, low price! These sleek blackwood wallets are are known for their workmanship and are the perfect gift for the businessman.



We want to hear from you!

Ladies: What is the best present you have ever bought for him?

Men: What is the best present you have ever received?


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