Oct 10 2012

Gift Insider Tips for Holiday Gift Shops + Retailers

The holidays are right around the corner and in the spirit of the season, The Gift Insider would like to lend some helpful tips to all of you holiday retailers out there!

Tastemaker Curation: This will bring you instant credibility and additional exposure. Partner with top bloggers or relevant experts (like The Gift Insider!) and ask them to create a holiday gift guide or Pinterest Board for your shop. It’s been proven that people are much more likely to look to influencers or “curated commerce” to determine their next purchase. Check out this article: http://mashable.com/2012/01/18/curated-commerce-marketing/

“Go-to-gifts”: Encourage shoppers to stock up on “go-to gifts” by offering deals for buying multiples of the same thing. It will take some stress out of the holidays for shoppers when they have easy on-hand gifts for last-minute hostess, thank you, or birthday gifts, and you can sell multiple gifts in one shot!

Images: Pictures are what it’s all about these days. Take awesome high resolution pictures of your products and store and post, blog, pin, and Instagram them.  People want to see and share what your shop is all about! http://socialmediatoday.com/kullin/819876/impact-images-facebook-engagement

Press: Get yourself some exposure! Find a way to have your products or stores featured in Holiday Gift Guides or on your local news, and then highlight on your website or social media outlet for instant credibility.  The Gift Insider is always looking for the hottest gifts to show on our local news segments, and so are mommy blogging experts, gadget experts, jewelry experts, and toy experts!  We won’t know about you unless you reach out to us- so spend some of your holiday pitching to people who are a good fit for your brand. 

Small Business Saturday: If you are a small business owner, be sure to participate in Small Business Saturday on November 24th!  People love supporting local shops, so give them incentives and an easy way to do it!
Geeky Gag Gifts: Geeky is back, and so is anything retro! People love to give nostalgic gifts with a new or updated twist so be sure to stock up on these for your store for the Holiday season. Our Geeky category is the most popular on our site!

Get On Pinterest: Pinterest is a huge traffic source and very important for building your brand. The Gift Insider’s number one traffic source is Pinterest! This site is also great for shops with creative, personalized or custom gift ideas. Follow us for updates on our top trends in gifting.

Do the ‘theme and bundle’: Pair small gifts with similar themes in the same section of the store. If people can’t seem to find a larger gift, make it easy for them to purchase a few similar items that will go well together. Paper Source stores do a great job of doing this!

Consumer Support: Customers love to send in photos of them using or gifting products they’ve purchase at your shop. Post these photos to share with others on your site or on twitter with a custom hashtag- ours is #gifthelp. One of our most popular blog posts is an image a customer shared with us- Check it out! 



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5 Responses to “Gift Insider Tips for Holiday Gift Shops + Retailers”

  1. Curt says:

    These are some very good points. We have been a firm believer of great images for a few years. Love the other points as well 

  2. Thanks Curt- Glad you found our post informative! 

    Happy Gifting,

  3. Megan says:

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  4. gift ideas says:

    You are right the holidays are right around the corner and in the spirit of the season, i am also looking for some unique gifts to gift my beloved in these festive seasons. Thanks for the lovely post.

  5. Hi Megan and Gift Idea-

    Let us know if you need any gift assistance this holiday season, we’d be happy to help.

    Happy gifting,

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