Oct 9 2013

Gift-Giving Expert Tips // What to Give for Bosses Day

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National Bosses Day is coming up soon, October 16th to be exact. Make a positive impression on your boss and show your upmost appreciation for him or her by giving them the perfect gift. So what is the perfect gift? Check out some Gift Insider gifts below, chosen with your boss in mind.

John Hancock Coffee // Customized Coffee

John Hancock Coffee











Activity & Sleep Tracker // FitBit

Fitbit Tracker












Driftwood Dock // Uncommon Goods

Driftwood Dpcl











Leather Monogrammed Journal // Gift Tree

Leather Journal



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4 Responses to “Gift-Giving Expert Tips // What to Give for Bosses Day”

  1. Rory says:

    Wonderful advice, I did not realize it was Bosses day until the day of so I just bought my boss his favorite pastry from the coffee shop. He loved it. 

  2. I bet he or she appreciated the thoughtful gesture! Check out The Gift Insider for more blogs on gift-giving for holidays that you forget about! Thanks for the support!

  3. Katherine says:

    We don’t have National Bosses Day in the UK, but I think we definitely should!
    As long as there can be an employees day too, in the interest of being fair. 
    Presents all round!
    These are pretty cool gift ideas in any case, I know the customised coffee would go down a storm with a few of my friends. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Gifts all around // Great idea! Thanks for reading The Gift Insider blog, check back for many more great gift-giving expert tips!

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