Dec 19 2013

Gift Advice // Gifting to Your Can’t-Do-Without Service Providers

People always ask us about what service providers they should have on their list and what they should give. We answered some of our most popular questions.

What To Get Your Service Provider







Q: Who should you gift?

A. Postal Workers / Hair Stylists / Manicurists/ Babysitters / Teachers / Doorman / Dog Walker / Housekeeper / Tailor or anyonw that you regularly frequent

Some of these service workers are the people that sometimes get lost in the Holiday gift giving shuffle, even though we are so thankful for their roles in our lives. Giving a thoughtful Holiday gift is a thoughtful way to show it.

Q:Do I have to gift everyone that I go to throughout the year? 

A. If you frequent the service provider often or , as in manicurists, hair stylists, babysitter, etc they deserve the extra thought of a thoughtful gift. They know you well; you probably know them well too. Consider their interests, their families, their spouses and buy it, wrap it and always add a handwritten card. They deserve it.  Gift suggestions: $25-$50 or the cost of one service.

Q: What about the people you don’t know that well? 

A. Having a bottle of wine or any alcohol is a great solution to have on hand for those you don’t know well. Purchase some cute wine bags and buy a dozen bottles to have on hand for everyone you need. Easy, quick and cute.   Doorman, dog walkers, postal workers, cleaners, are the people you see often, but might not really know them personally. Cost of wine, champagne or restaurant gift certificate $20.

Q: Can I give cash? 

A. For the babysitter, housekeeper or anyone that you know would really appreciate some extra cash, put the equivalent of one day/service in a card and write an appreciative note, maybe even attach a flower or a add some handmade cookies.

Any tough ones on your list you need help with? 


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