May 7 2012

For the phone addict: a huggable accessory

Sometimes the phone is said to eliminate that “human contact” we all need, but Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Hugvie is meant to replicate that.

Just place your phone under the Hugvie and when you hug it while talking it will vibrate to the sound of the voice on the other end. Did he just find the cure for long-distance relationships? Maybe…


2 Responses to “For the phone addict: a huggable accessory”

  1. Jet Donkey says:

    For the phone addict: a huggable accessory…

    Cool gift ideas for techies!…

  2. If this friend or coworker happens to be of the opposite sex, it is possible that a sexual attraction may form.
    Most mobile phones at present have exceptional features that can connect anyone in any part of the world.
    Things like what time they wake up in the morning can suddenly seem crucial.

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