Jun 26 2012

Featured Guest Posts: Gifts for Cancers

Cancer – June 21 – July 22

If you don’t stop and think about the personality of Cancers before gifting, you could make a huge mistake! After speaking with astrologer Steven Stuckey, here are some of the qualities to consider when buying a gift for a Cancer.

Cancers are big hearted, caring individuals who love to make a warm and inviting home. They are known to be a bit passive and shy, wanting to be surrounded by familiar friends and family instead of a new crowd. They also love taking care of people or animals and providing for them, which parallels their love of cooking.

“It’s hard to find a Cancer that isn’t a culinary genius,” said Stuckey.

And, being a water sign and ruled by the moon, they enjoy anything to do with the water and baths.

–          Since they are keen on culinary ventures, try gifting them a cooking class from Cloud 9 Living. Or  mix food with water for a dinner or lunch cruise.

–          A family tree lets a Cancer display what is nearest and dearest to them; family. Think out of the box of a traditional tree and consider the Modern Family Tree graphic from uncommongoods.com or the Family Tree Dinner Set from rustdesigns.com.

–          Something to bring warmth to the home like silhouette wall art or a personalized casserole dish will pull at the heartstrings.

–          Show what a big heart cancer has with heart shaped items from a heart-shaped spatula to  mugs full of love from BoldLoft.com.

–          Play off of their love for H2O with Naturally Irish Bath Salts from Fragrances of Ireland.


Author Bio: Based out of Denver, CO, Ashley McCredie is the online content coordinator for and experience gifts company, Cloud 9 Living. She is a freelance blogger and writer, a photographer and a traveler. Follow her on Twitter at: @ashleymccredie 

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