Mar 19 2015

DIY Ideas: What To Do When You Screw Up – Men’s Edition

Unfortunately, it isn’t always the guy who is begging for forgiveness.  We make mistakes too! If you think this screw-up needs a little more than “I’m sorry,” we want to help! We’ve picked some of our “For Him” favorites that will end this fight for good!



We have a griller on our hands! If your man loves to barbecue, this is a totally creative way to apologize! He definitely won’t turn down the opportunity to throw a steak on the grill for a date-night dinner for two!

Via Make Something Mondays

DIY Sausage Heart Recipe

Sausage heart

Yum! Who says no to fresh breakfast in bed?! Get cooking, and say “sorry” with a delicious and cute way to start his day!

Via Ezzly

365 Reasons Why I Love You

365 days

Let him know how lucky you feel to have him every single day! Super sweet way to apologize and make it clear the reasons you love him are endless!

Via Small Town Sister

Sticky Note Hearts 


Nothing beats early morning smiles! Say “I’m sorry” with a mirror full of sweet messages written on sticky notes! Post them in the shape of a heart, and you have the perfect apology to start his day right!

Via Live Lives Here

Whisky Praline Pecans


This is a totally creative and tasty apology! He will love that you took the time to make him AND his taste buds happy! What part of a yummy treat doesn’t say “oops, my’re right” ?!

Via Cooking Cowgirl

DIY Alcohol and Cigar Bouquet

party bouquet

The tables are turned! Switch out the flowers for an awesome not-so-typical alcohol and cigar bouquet! This apology says “so sorry, today is all about you!”

Via Domestic Ingenuity

May the gifts be with you! Happy apologies!


4 Responses to “DIY Ideas: What To Do When You Screw Up – Men’s Edition”

  1. Rita Simon says:

    Yup,”Cute Smile” plus “Sticky Note Hearts” will do a great job <3

  2. Gwen Watson says:

    Guys love sweet apology gestures just as much as women do! Anything that has to do with food, cigars, and alcohol are all winning ideas for an apology. They also love to know how much they mean to you!

  3. Rita Simon and Gwen Watson, thanks for the comments! We always appreciate any and all feedback, we’re so glad you liked our ideas! Any other ideas for DIY For Him gifts? Comment here, we love new ideas!

  4. Arunkarthick says:

    Wonderful website. Plenty of useful information here. thanks on your sweat!

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