Aug 13 2014

DIY Gift Idea // Chalkboard Lunchbox

Have a little one going back to school? Make sure your kids know just how special they are every single day of the year by making them an easy DIY Chalkboard Lunchbox.

Back to School Lunchbox

Step 1:  Purchase a cute tin lunchbox (we love these Fender finds from amazon)

Step 2: Get Chalkboard Paint and Sponge Brushes

Chalkboard DIY Gift

Step 3: Cover the edges of the tin box with painters tape and begin to paint the top section with the chalkboard tape. 2 coasts works best. Let dry in between coats and then overnight.

Step 4: Write a sweet note each morning to your little one, change it depending on the day!

Photo Aug 13, 9 49 03 AM

Step 5: Start adding in some healthy elements.  Suprise them with a hidden  banana note.  Use a tack to write the note in the skin and by the time it’s lunchtime it will “magically” appear

Back to School Banana

Banana Lunchbox Note

Step 6: Add in some more healthy elements like the widely popular coconut water craze, Vita Coco, now has a line especially for kids and their back to school lunchboxes!

Lunchbox DIY Chalkboard

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7 Responses to “DIY Gift Idea // Chalkboard Lunchbox”

  1. Jennifer says:

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  2. Thanks for the great Info tips.     

  3. pat says:

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  4. Delejos says:

    Ohhh, Superb idea dear, 
    you add banana that was amazing and funny idea, another things you can add smily balloon. 

  5. Thanks Jennifer, we thought so too! Love those Signature Towels, monograms make every gift so much more special!

  6. Thanks! You’re absolutely right, a smiley balloon would have been an adorable touch! We’ll have to add it into our next kid-friendly DIY photo!

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