Nov 4 2011

D.I.Y. Friday – Feather Wine Cover

Well hello! Welcome to the first D.I.Y Fridays on The Gift Insider! Every Friday we’ll bring you easy-to-create gifts. Why Friday? Because the weekend is the best time to get your D.I.Y. on!
So let’s kick it off with a hostess gift to spice up your ordinary “bring-over-a-bottle-of-wine” to Thanksgiving dinner. Come on, you know that’s the easy way to do it! Feathers are so hot right now, so why not make a nod to the O.G.’s of Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and the Indians, and add a little headdress to your bottle of wine?



I was able to get all of these materials at Michael’s. Everything was under $25 and I also used a 40% off coupon. Check out for their everyday coupons or better yet, get their app – you can see what’s on sale, check-out the daily and weekly coupons and all of these are scan-able at check-out.

Happy D.I.Y.-ing!




One Response to “D.I.Y. Friday – Feather Wine Cover”

  1. Dad says:

    Great idea for the holidays, love the feather look for Thanksgiving. I might need your help to make it look as good as yours!

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