Jul 19 2011

Cool Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Watch the clip of us featuring all of these items on WGN News on July 20th.  Bridesmaids gifts too, see post above.  Discount codes for all the items we feature!

GreenRStudios Flasks disguised in a book

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Perfect gift for Groomsmen and an effective way to hide your secret things like passports, jewelry, money or even a flask. Alex, from GreenRStudio works hard on making every book a special hiding place. Looks like a classic book, pictured is To Kill A Mockingbird. Have a certain book in mind? Just let Alex know & he’ll custom make it for you, otherwise there are many classics to choose from. The name of the group is on the book’s binding and inside in a graphic design throughout. Check out the pictures, there is a lot of pride & detail that goes into these.  8oz. stainless steel flask included. Magnetic closure keeps things secure. ~$55 depending on book chosen. You could get a different book/safe for each groomsmen. Cool father’s day gift too.

The FlashHarp from Backyard Brand Harmonica USB Drive

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This 2GB flash drive measures only 3″ and it does so much. Invented by a cool harmonica-playing dude in Illinois, who knows that we need music for the soul. When you need a break from your computer, just pull out the USB drive and play a little tune. But that’s not all, there is even a lesson-on-a-hamonica model, which only costs $5 more. How cool is that? The lesson is on the USB drive! To top off this awesomeness, this harmonica/USB drive can be personalized. Makes a sweet gift for the groomsmen or any cool people you know. The artist describes this invention the best, “it’s the geeky musical marriage of convenience & soul.”2GB $44.95 and $20 more to personalize.

Giveacaricature – Custom caricatures of your groomsmen

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Permanently capture the personalities of all your groomsmen with a fun caricature of the whole group. This will fit in perfectly in any of your Man Caves.  Make it extra special with plaques as well.  Send in photos and their amazing artist will make you a masterpiece.

Dreamy Nites Linens – Luxe and affordable sheets

If you own a bed (and we know you do), these sheets are a MUST have! They are silky soft with a lustrous finish. Each set is maintenance free; washable, wrinkle free & dirt cheap!.  What more could you want? They come in 12 colors, have 1200 thread count and are 100% Egyptian cotton. And you thought fabulous sheets were just for girls…please…men deserve fabulous sheets too! Love the Choc Brown/Truffle or Sage for guys and it would be a really thoughtful groomsmen gift. The prices are so low because there is no middle man, they are strictly wholesale. $39.99 for the set! The set includes 4 pillowcases, one fitted sheet & one flat sheet. Same price, no matter the size. Believe me, these sheets are a real treat. Treat your groomsmen right, or just yourself.  Soft & fabulous.

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