Apr 17 2013

Cash Gifts on a Wedding Registry? The Growing Trend of Asking For What You ACTUALLY Want!

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Guest Post By Nancy Lee, President of MyRegistry.com

So… you’ve lived with your boyfriend for more years than you can count. Naturally, you’ve accumulated “stuff”, lots of “stuff” for your home, for your pets, and for everything else that you do together. But now, with a wedding on the way and everyone asking you about your registry, you find yourself in a dilemma because you really do not want any more “stuff”. This is not to say that there aren’t plenty of things that you would like to have, they just aren’t the typical items found at a department store and easily placed on a gift registry. Or are they?

Universal gift registries make registering… well, a universal experience! They are limitless – meaning there isn’t anything that cannot be added. Dinner for two at your favorite restaurant? Done. Gift certificates for couples massages? Done. The real trick though, is identifying the key items that you would like. With so many options available it can be quite overwhelming.

Sometimes, the best idea is to create a cash gift fund that can be used towards a few larges items. Cash gifts on a registry? Yes, it’s a relatively new concept, but a great option nonetheless. To help further elaborate, the team over at MyRegistry.com has shed some light onto this growing trend for brides-to-be that do not want any more “stuff”.

Is there anything better than cash while you are in deep in debt planning your wedding? Most likely not… This is why 75% of the brides using MyRegistry.com register for cash gifts, which can help to offset the numerous expenses found in wedding planning.

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So, how does one register for a cash gift?

It’s really simple. Anyone creating a registry on MyRegistry.com has the option of swapping out tangible gifts, such as a toaster for a cash gift. It will then be listed on the registry and guests can easily contribute any desired amount via credit card.

What kind of fund?

Well, that depends on where you feel cash should be allocated. Many of our members use their cash gift funds to help pay for their honeymoon. But, this is not the same as a honeymoon fund setup by a travel service. The funds are not going directly to pay for your tickets, excursions, hotels, etc. The funds are going directly to YOU (via Pay Pal).


Because, only you know exactly what takes priority and you certainly cannot wait until it gets too close to your wedding day to make these purchases. So, in a sense, these honeymoon funds help to reimburse you for the things that you have had to already pay for yourself. Many wedding guests really do prefer to give cash, especially if they know what it is going towards. So be specific on your cash gift funds. Be sure to tell the story of what and why. If it is for your honeymoon, explain to your wedding guests where you are going and the reason you chose that specific destination. If you are moving, paying off school loans, or buying a new apartment – let your guests know what they are participating in so they can feel like a true part of the process.

Wedding gifts are for your loved ones, friends and family to help you start your new life together with whatever means the most to you. If that means 6 days on a beach in Cancun, let them know, and they will all be happy to help… wouldn’t you?



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  1. Heddi says:

    Brilliant article and there’s also http://www.mytab.co/wedding honeymoon registry so the guests can gift towards a memorable dream trip and socially send well wisher messages to the happy couple through Facebook & Twitter. The couple can also save cash in their fund towards their trip!

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