Nov 18 2011

Creative Gift Idea: Give an Experience Gift

{Guest Post Feature: Lily Himmelsbach of Let’s Gift It}

Looking for just the right gift that’s out of the box? Well this holiday season we’re excited to bring you the newest trend from across the globe: Experiential Gifting. We’ve seen it happening for years and now consumers are calling for it too, they are looking to share experiences with the giver, rather than just receiving ‘stuff’.

There are so many reasons we love this shift in consumerism, but the most important reason is because experiential gifting brings back the root of what giving is all about: Sharing. With traditional gifts we are sharing a product with someone, a product that we choose and believe they will love. That’s where the sharing ends when giving an item like a pair of socks, golf balls, or a special book.

Experiential gifting has an entire new sharing component that we relate can to. As consumers begin sharing content like photos of vacations, graduations and other milestone events; the opportunity to share gifts also emerges. Scrolling through tweets and Facebook status updates, one can see the experiences friends share: vacations, graduations and other milestone events. We think that sharing a photo of a scarf that you received for Christmas is great, but sharing a photo or video of you skydiving or flying a helicopter? Now we’re interested!

Not only is an experiential gift a creative gift idea and a great way to create content to share on the web, but now you’re able to create memories as you share the experience together! The experience of driving a race car, or going for a ride in a hot air balloon with a loved one is great for creating memories and fostering your relationships. The experience you share with the recipient of an experiential gift will certainly be something you both remember, after all who could forget taking golf lessons from a PGA Pro, learning how to brew your very own beer, or riding a balloon down 34th street during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Now that you’re interested, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas for experiential gifting!

Take a peek and start your holiday shopping now!

We’re sure you can think of someone who would prefer these gifts over that sweater you were planning on giving them this holiday season!

Beer or Wine Making Classes

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Drive a Race Car 

Cooking Lessons

Golf Lessons with a PGA Pro

Ride a Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

Learn to Fly a Helicopter

Night Time Swamp Safari

Tandem Sky Diving

Romantic Dinner Cruise

Drive Exotic Cars

Sport Fishing

Dinner in the Sky

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