Oct 20 2014

DIY Ideas: Sparkly and Edgy Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Happy Halloweeeeen! We’re so excited to share some DIY Ideas for glaming up your pumpkins this spooky season.  We took our shot at glitter pumpkins, gold spray painted pumpkins, black chalkboard spraypainted pumpkins and painted pumpkins with a few jewels tacked on.


Glitter Pumpkins


Step 1:  Use spray all over pumpkin, pour glitter all over spray glue until covered


Tip: martha stewart glitter is our favorite



Finished Product:  Last Years Halloween Party


Luxe Gold Pumpkins 

1.  Get gold spray paint and spray with two coats, make sure you get the bottom! Let dry overnight.


Finished Product:  Gold Spray Painted + Black Pumpkin with Mixed Metal Adhesives


Need more Halloween ideas?  Make sure to check out our DIY Classy Halloween Guide on KCAL Los Angeles or some DIY Gift Ideas to Help You Embrace Fall.

Tell us! How are YOU making your parties more Festive for Halloween?  Post photos or links below!




Oct 14 2014

Gift Guide: Last-Minute Boss’s Day Gift Ideas

REMINDER! Boss’s Day is October 16th.  Make sure you show some love to the person who signs those paychecks.   All of today’s picks for your Boss can ordered via Amazon Prime (2-Day Free Shipping) so it will arrive right to the office on October 16th. Links below.


1. Graphic Image Planner  2. Macaron On-Trend Treats  3.  Bluetooth iDock Handset   4.  WIFI Cuff Links  5. *Try The World Gift Basket  6.  ROK Espresso Maker  7.  Jawbone JAMBOX   8.  Handpresso Travel Set

*Try the World can’t be ordered via Amazon Prime, but is an easy last-minute subscription box option.

Need other ideas? Browse our Business Gifts section.


Oct 9 2014

Best DIY Gifts to Help You Embrace Fall Weather

Fall Weather Banner


Bring out the pumpkins and take out your flannel.. Fall is definitely here! We’ve come up with some great gifts and DIY projects that will help you embrace the cooler temperatures ahead!


Custom Wood Slice
Custom Wood Slice

Turn a slice of wood into a homey welcome sign. Find it now on thegiftinsider.com via Scoutmob.


Cinnamon Candle Votives
Cinnamon Candle Votives

Spice up a room (literally!!) with these candle votives covered in cinnamon sticks. All it takes is a little hot gluing! Yummy! // julieannart.com


Pumpkin Carving Stencils


Pumpkin Etching

Be the envy of your block this Halloween with ornate pumpkin designs. Such a fun activity for the fam to do together! //clipzine.me


Apple Cider Kit
Apple Cider Kit

Mmm.. it’s not fall without apple cider, right? This is perfect for a hostess gift or even a little something to bring to your neighbors! //williams-sonoma.com


Pumpkin Crudité Platter
Pumpkin Veggies

It’s all about the presentation! Instantly make a veggie platter festive by putting the dip in a hollowed mini pumpkin, so creative!


Fall Leaves Bowl


Leaf Bowl

Perfect home decor for Fall! Make this all purpose bowl yourself and leave it out for all of your friends to see! // blovelyevents.com


What’s your favorite thing about Fall? Let us know in the comments!!


Oct 8 2014

TGI Tips: How to Find a Great Gift For Your Girlfriend This Sweetest Day




Q. How Can I Make It Special Without Spending a Fortune? 

A. Personalize it.  Give a photo gift, a monogrammed gift or something you’ve made yourself.  Thoughtfulness means more than extravagance.

Q. Do I Ask Her What She Wants? 

A. Some ladies know what they want, and they’ll be happy to tell you.  If you want to keep a little mystery, agree to go shopping with her on a sat and just keep your eye out for things she gravitates to. Or browse her Pinterest page.

Q. Should I go big in the beginning?

A. No! Don’t set the bar too high for what you can actually afford, it will only kick ya in the butt in the end.  Save the expensive jewelry and expensive purses for big milestones and for when you really get to know her taste. Browse some ideas for $100 and under gifts.

We have some other great tips on our What Women Want page on our latest blog post, 12 Romantic Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Actually Want and a whole slew of ideas in our Girlfriend Gift Ideas category. Good luck and feel free to tweet us or comment on out FB page any specific q’s you have.

Happy Gifting!

– The Gift Insider



Oct 1 2014

12 Romantic Gifts Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Actually Want

It’s tough to find creative and cool gifts for your girlfriend or wife, that they will actually want.  We’ve rounded up 12 gift picks for our Girlfriend Gift Guide that are original, thoughtful and will impress the ladies you hold dear.

1. Instagram Photobook

Gifts for Your Girlfriend

2. Monogrammed Planner 


3.  Luxe Eberjey Nightshirt 


4. Vintage Marquee Lights

Romantic Gifts for Your Girlfriend

 5. LOVE YOU MORE Necklace

Gifts for Your Lady

6. Monogrammed Bath Caddy

Gifts for Your Girl

7.  Without You Tray 

Gifts for the Girl Who Has Everything

8. You Are My Bucket List Print 

Sentimental Gifts for Your Girlfriend


9. “Forever Together” Wine

Forever Cellars Wine 

10. I Love This Place Pillow 

Cool Gifts for Your Girlfriend


10. Your Digital Memories in a Memeoir

Memeoirs Digital Scrapbook 

11. Custom Painted Yolkie Eggs

Yolkies Custom Eggs




Be sure to check out our entire section of gift ideas on Girlfriend Gifts, or our section of tips and advice on What Women Want.

*Disclosure: The Gift Insider product picks are highly curated and we only recommend products we truly believe in.  Some of the products choose to be primely featured on our site and pay a monthly fee.  If we don’t love them, we don’t have them on the site – end of story!




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