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6 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas We Love From Pinterest

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Sunday, May 11th marks Mother’s Day! This year go the extra mile (like your mom always has) and do-it-yourself with The Gift Insider’s DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. We scoured the internet for doable and adorable DIY gifts to show your mom how much you mean to her on her special day.


Photos In Jars

A nice, simple way to showcase the memories of your Mom via Everyday Celebrating!



Super Fun Mother’s Day Card

From the Eighteen25 Blog comes a super fun, super easy Mother’s Day Card // It will blow her away!

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DIY Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

For the Eco-Friendly mom (who loves to shop!) make her a vintage pillow case shopping bag // From the Sew In Love blog!


DIY Chalkboard Ceramic Containers

From the “Oh So Pretty Blog” comes homemade chalkboard ceramic containers // Perfect for your mother’s baking adventures and to fill with sugar, brown sugar and flour!

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Chocolate-Dipped Brownies

Something sweet for the woman who has always been the sweetest.



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Apr 11 2014

How to Throw a 90s Theme Party

There really is nothing more fun than theme parties!  We decided to throw a “Pick Your Decade Theme Party” a few weeks ago and wanted to share some of the fun details.

Everyone dressed up in any decade they wanted (made it easier for guests to find costumes) and we had a 1920’s  Gatsby Themed upstairs with a fun and crazy 90’s theme basement.

The 90’s Food: Capri Suns, Ring Pops, Doritos, Teddy Grahams, Rice Krispy Treats covered in Nerds, bagel bites and mini hot dogs. And Vodka Infused Gummy Bears.

90s Party Food Ideas

The 90’s Decor:  Photobooth, inflatable chairs, poloroid cameras, fringe garland with slinkies and neon everything. And a Stussie beerpong table.

90s Fringe Garland with Slinkies

(Check out our post on “How to Make DIY Fringe Garlands“)

90s Photobooth Ideas

90s Photobooth Ideas

Gatsby Themed Party Upstairs:

Sparkles, black white and gold decor, champagne fountain, gold and chocolate covered treats and a huge blow up champagne balloon

Gatsby Themed Party

Gatsby Themed Party

Gatsby Themed Party


Apr 9 2014

Free Bridal Shower Printable – Eat, Drink and Be Married

Need a thoughtful and/or last-minute bridal shower gift idea?  Have three bottles of wine? Download our free Eat, Drink and Be Married Printable wine labels, print on sticky paper and wrap around any bottle of wine for a sweet DIY bridal shower gift.  Don’t have sticky paper?  Try regular paper with spray glue.













In need of a sweet DIY Engagement Gift? Check out our DIY Engagement File.


Apr 8 2014

7 Bachelorette Party Ideas We Love From Pinterest!

Bachelorette Party IdeasGet ready for the best part of wedding season, Bachelorette Parties! If your BFF is tying the knot soon make her send off perfect by looking to The Gift Insider for creative gift ideas and party recommendations. If  “7 Bachelorette Party Ideas We Love From Pinterest!” isn’t enough, check out TGI’s For The Bachelorette Party Pinterest page.

1. Ultimate Bachelorette Champagne Bottle


2. Bachelorette Party Cups DIY Tumblers


Bachelorette Party Ideas

3. Lips from all the Girls at the Bachelorette/Bridal Party

Bachelorette Party Ideas

4. Bachelorette Bucket List (Printable Game)

Bachelorette Game Ideas

5. Mimosa Bar

Bachelorette Party Ideas

6. Bachelorette Party Favors

Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

7. Bachelorette Scavenger Hun

Bachelorette Game Ideas


Need help finding a gift for the wedding? Check out wedding gift Q & A or our wedding gift section on the site.


Apr 7 2014

How to Make Easy DIY Fringe Garlands

We threw a “Pick Your Decade Party” theme party a few weeks ago and wanted to create some festive but cheap decor for the basement ’90’s decor. We decided to try our hand at the DIY Fringe Garland we’ve been seeing all over.  Ended up being totally easy, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own.

You’ll need:  Tissue paper, string, scissors, washi tape (optional)

Step 1: Fold tissue paper in half, then half again.  Cut 1/2 inch slits from bottom up, leaving about 1 inch at top where it is folded

2014-03-19 10.48.17

Step 2:  Unfold the sheet completely. Beginning at one side start to roll tightly so there is so so the 1 inch fold is in the middle and cut strips on each side.

2014-03-19 11.16.22

Step 3: Fold in half and twist together at the top.  We wrapped a strip of washi tape around it to help it stay and add a little polish, but they stay just fine without it.

2014-03-19 11.16.35

Step 4:  Per garland, we recommend making 7-10 fringes.  String together through the loop you created on the top of each.  Play around with different colors and combinations. We cut up a cheap silver hanging door curtain to make silver accents and also used some mini slinkies since he had a ’90s theme.


Have any of your made this?  Comment below with links to your designs!


Apr 3 2014

What to Bring // Vodka Gummy Bears

This is such a fun and easy thing to make and bring to your most fun-loving hostess!

1. Buy any size bag of gummy bears

2. Put bears in a bowl and leave a few inches of room at the top

2. Take vodka of choice, the cheap stuff works just fine, and pour in bowl of bears until all of them are submerged and covered

3. Mix around, wrap in bowl with tinfoil and put in fridge for 3-4 days

4. You can eat on their own, or toss in mixed drinks or white wine for a sweet and oh-so-fun treat

2014-03-19 12.50.522014-03-19 12.51.20


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