Mar 26 2014

DIY Ideas // Super Easy DIY Sharpie Mugs

I decided to test out all of the DIY Sharpie Mugs I’ve been seeing on Pinterest lately for one of our lovely Gift Insider colleagues.  I’m always a little hesitant to try out handwritten crafts, because I’ve never been very fond of my penmenship and was worried it might turn out like a middle school art project…

But, with a little out of the box thinking I figured out a way… I used stickers as stencils to make amost perfect letters.

How to Make a DIY Sharpie Mug (w/ stickers)

1. Place the letter stickers on clean mug and trace around with a sharpie (I used silver since i loved the look with the Spring Starbucks cups)

2. Place mug in the oven (do not pre-heart) and heat up to 350 for 30 minutes

3. Take out of oven, let cool, take off stickers and you’ll have perfect letters and a totally customized mug



Mar 13 2014

Gift We Love // Vintage Inspired Personalized Play Kitchens

These Vintage Inspired Play Kitchens are one of those dream come true gifts, something that’s totally their own and that let’s them be just like Mom and Dad. The company that creates adorable and way-more-unique-than-average kitchen sets,, sells a range of different vintage kitchen styles and colors and our offers the ability to personalize each kitchen with your giftee’s name.

While our Gift Insider favorite’s are the Vintage Inspired sets, scroll to the bottom to check out their Modern Option, lots of other styles on the site including a “foldable kitchen” for smaller spaces. Each set comes with a cordless phone, clickable knobs, a removable sink. It’s kind of the cutest addition to a playroom we’ve ever seen.

Price: $179.95 – $289.99

“InsiderPlatKitchen10” for $10 off

Buy At:

Personalized Vintage Kids Kitchen Set


Vintage Play Kitchen Red DibsieVintage Play Kitchens DibsieDibsie Play Kitchen Modern

This is a sponsored post written by The Gift Insider. As always, only accepts products on our site that we truly believe to be the most unique and creative gifts out there. We turn down 100’s of products and sift through the masses to bring you the coolest presents around.  We believe these play kitchens are absolutely one of them.


Mar 3 2014

Insider Tips // Engagement Gift Giving Etiqutte

Engagement Gift Etiquette

Between the holidays and Valentine’s Day it seems like everyone on your newsfeed just got engagement. Engagement gift etiquette is a well-debated subject.  Do you even need to give gift? If so, when? How much should you spend? And of course, what exactly should you give?

Q. When Should I Give an Engagement Gift?

– If you are invited and attend an engagement party
– If you are very close to the couple (in the wedding party or close family)
– If they have given you an engagement gift in the past

Q. How much should I spend? 

A. Engagement gifts are not where you should spend the big bucks.  This is typically a smaller & celebratory gift, under $50 is completely fine.  Bridal showers, Bachelorette parties and the actual Wedding Gifts are the ones to splurge on.

Q. What Should I Give? 


—> Engagement Ring MugsBling Wipes, Mr and Mrs Signs, their first Monogrammed Gift



—>A bridal Magazine Subscription, J Crew’s New Wedding  Planning Binders, a DIY Engagement Gift Kit, a Wood Journal 



—-> a custom stamp set with their new last name, a His and Hers Water bottles,   Happily Ever After Spoons and a custom throw 


Q. When is it not required to give an Engagement Gift? 

– If there are no hosted engagement events you are attending
– If they note no gifts on the invitation to an event (obvious, we know)
– If you can’t attend


Mar 3 2014

DIY Gift Ideas // Engagement Gift Kit

Thanks to inspiration from RuffledBlog, we created a DIY Engagement Gift Kit for a lovely couple, Mandi and Jake.

What you need:

– Magazine Holder

– Bridal Magazine

– Files + Sticky Notes

– Photo of couple printed sticky paper

– Download the Congrats text (or make your own)

Aisle File Engagement Gift Kit

Feel free to use some creative freedom with stickers, colors, sparkles.

Here are other DIY Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend/Girlfriend, or DIY Ideas to Bring to a Party.




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