Jan 31 2014

7 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts // Seen On Fox Detroit & Chicago


See all gifts live on Fox2 Detroit below.

1. Quote Pillows by Casa And Co. // Regular Price $45 – $60, INSIDER DISCOUNT 15% OFF

casa and co. pillow

2. Nobleman Pocket Squares // Regular Price $55, INSIDER DISCOUNT 10% OFF

nobleman pocket square


3.  Scratch Off Valentine’s Day Card // Regular Price $4.50 – $6.00, INSIDER DISCOUNT 10% OFF

Scratch off vday card


4. Lovestars Astrology Report for Couples // Regular Price $79 – $89, INSIDER DISCOUNT 20% OFF

lovestars astrology book for couples

5.  Tie Subscription from Friday Tieday // Priced between $32 – $39/month

Friday Tieday

6. Lush Bath Bombs // Starting at $3.95

Lush Bath Bomb

7. Custom Bath Caddy from Red Envelope // $50

custom wood bath caddy

Fox 2 Detroit Top Valnetine Picks Below

Good Day Chicago Top Valentine Picks Below


Jan 25 2014

All The Reasons I Love You // DIY Gift Idea

Want a creative way to show someone all of the reasons you love them?

Write your top ten reasons and tie them to a helium balloons for a wonderfully romantic suprise.  We printed each reason on sticker paper and stuck to different styled scrapbooking paper, but it’s just as sweet (and easier!) to handwrite each reason as well.



Jan 24 2014

DIY Man Bouquet // For Valentine’s Day

Not sure what to give your babe this year?  Make him a DIY Man Bouquet!

Fill a beer mug with all things manly.  Ideas: Jerky, mini bottles of his favorite liquor, cigars, games, anything with a mustache , anything he loves.  At the bottom of the mug stick a styrofoam ball (can get at any craft store) and tape each item to a cake pop or kebob stick, stick it in the styrofoam and finish off with some tissue paper.





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