Dec 23 2013

Insider Tips // Last Minute Gift Ideas that Don’t Seem So Last Minute

Let’s face it, most of us are procrastinators.  Not to fear, sometimes the last gifts, end up being the gifts that are loved the most. Here’s 4 top suggestions to help calm your nerves and fuel your last minute creativity.

Gift Etiquette Last Minute Gifts







SUBSCRIPTION GIFTS –  Give a monthly subscription that keeps on giving every month.  You can print off the certificate last-minute but cater the box to their interests so it still shows some thought.

GIVE –  Bespoke Post for the guys or Birchbox for the beauty junkie ladies or for anyone try a box of edibles from Blockful.

ORDER ONLINE + PICK UP IN STORE  – A lot of the big national chain stores let you order online and pick up product in store, some even do curbside pick up. Take advantage of this to avoid the craziness of the malls.

GIVE – Polka Dot trinket boxes from Target or a Beer Making Kit from Nordstrom (both offer this service)

DIY GIFTS  – Don’t go too overboard with a last-minute difficult DIY projects, make it easy on yourself and put a few related items together in a themed container for a sweet DIY gift kit.

GIVE – For the gardner use a clay pot for the containter and fill with gloves, seeds and a gardening magazine subscription.  Or fill a Starbucks carrying case with coffee beans, a gift certificate and a gold monogram mug.

EXPERIENCE GIFTS –  Give an activity or an experience,  since it’s a certificate you can buy last-minute, print off and it will be the most memorable gift they recieve. 

GIVE – Pick from 100’s of local experiences like Fighter Pilot for the Day or a Personal Chef for the night.

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Dec 20 2013

Dec 19 2013

Gift Advice // Gifting to Your Can’t-Do-Without Service Providers

People always ask us about what service providers they should have on their list and what they should give. We answered some of our most popular questions.

What To Get Your Service Provider







Q: Who should you gift?

A. Postal Workers / Hair Stylists / Manicurists/ Babysitters / Teachers / Doorman / Dog Walker / Housekeeper / Tailor or anyonw that you regularly frequent

Some of these service workers are the people that sometimes get lost in the Holiday gift giving shuffle, even though we are so thankful for their roles in our lives. Giving a thoughtful Holiday gift is a thoughtful way to show it.

Q:Do I have to gift everyone that I go to throughout the year? 

A. If you frequent the service provider often or , as in manicurists, hair stylists, babysitter, etc they deserve the extra thought of a thoughtful gift. They know you well; you probably know them well too. Consider their interests, their families, their spouses and buy it, wrap it and always add a handwritten card. They deserve it.  Gift suggestions: $25-$50 or the cost of one service.

Q: What about the people you don’t know that well? 

A. Having a bottle of wine or any alcohol is a great solution to have on hand for those you don’t know well. Purchase some cute wine bags and buy a dozen bottles to have on hand for everyone you need. Easy, quick and cute.   Doorman, dog walkers, postal workers, cleaners, are the people you see often, but might not really know them personally. Cost of wine, champagne or restaurant gift certificate $20.

Q: Can I give cash? 

A. For the babysitter, housekeeper or anyone that you know would really appreciate some extra cash, put the equivalent of one day/service in a card and write an appreciative note, maybe even attach a flower or a add some handmade cookies.

Any tough ones on your list you need help with? 


Dec 17 2013

Unique Gifts Under $50 // Seen on Fox32 Chicago

Here’s a round up of Unique Gift Ideas under 50 bucks that we featured on Fox32 Chicago.  Make sure to sign in to your Gift Insider account to get a few additional promo codes!

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Dec 17 2013

Gifts for the Person Who Has It All // Seen on NBC Chicago

We’ve rounded up some of our top gift ideas for the person who has everything on your list, watch below to see products on NBC Chicago.  Details on where to purchase below and more ideas in our Gift Guide.   Just make sure to sign in to your Gift Insider account for the coupon codes.

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Dec 13 2013

Holiday Gift Guides // As Seen On FOX Chicago + NBC Chicago


1. Gold Chambord Coffee Press//$70   2. Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stone Gift Set//$89.95   3. Sockscription//Starting at $30   4. Winter In Venice In Vegas Trip//Luxury Suites Starting at $149/night   5. Birchbox Sparkle & Shine Holiday Cracker Gift Set//4 pack for $58   6. Tresor Lolita Pendant//From $59 + 15% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT CODE   7. Paris Try The World Gift Box//Regular price $59.95 but $49.95 with INSIDER DISCOUNT   8. Carnivore Club//$50/month + get $10 OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT   9. Mermaid Tails//Regular price $60 but get 10% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT   10. Gold Initial Mugs//$10 


1. Concannon Irish Whiskey//$24.99   2. Glitz & Glam Gift Set from Sephora//Only $45 ($159 value)  3. Personalized Collar Stays//$19.95 for 2 and get 10% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT  4. Gift A Feast//$49.95 and get 20% OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT  5. Birchbox Sparkle & Shine Holiday Crackers//$58 for a 4-pack   6. SS Print Shop//$35    7. Sphere Ice Mold//Set of 2 for $10.95   8. Mason Jar Shot Glasses//4-pack for $15   9. Holdaplate Cocktail Plates//Starting at $6.99 but 40% OFF in December   10. Carnivore Club//$50/month + $10 OFF with INSIDER DISCOUNT


Dec 11 2013

Insider Tips // Finding Those Perfect Gifts for the Very Special People in Your Life









FOR YOUR BESTIES  – Give a luxe gift that they typically wouldn’t splurge on themselves.

GIVE – Blow Dry Bar Certificates or Monogrammed Leather Gloves

FOR YOUR PARENTS – Think about those things you always talk about doing, but never seem to get around to.  Arrange a time to do them.

GIVE – Scan in old family photos or fix up vintage family jewerly with Mom or Dad

FOR THE GUYS–  A great way to go about gifting the ever-so-tough guy category is to think about the things that they should have, but might not think to buy for themselves.  Then engrave, monogram or personalize it.
GIVE – Engraved Watch Box or Mason Jar Glasses

FOR ANYONE SPECIAL – Photo gifts are always, always meaningful.

GIVE –  Photo Wallpaper or Blurb Books

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Dec 4 2013

6 Trending Gifts We Heart For The Holidays // Seen on NY1


1. Paris Box from Try The World Gift Boxes // On SALE for $49.95, regular price $59.95  + Free shipping with our exclusive Coupon Code

Try The World - Paris Box









2. Maple Wood iPhone Dock from Bushakan //  Regular price $155,  15% off  with our exclusive Coupon Code 

Bushakan Maple iPhone Dock











3. Personalized Men’s Silver Gifts from Charitable Creations // $19.95 for 2 collar stays + 10% OFF with exclusive Coupon Code

Charitable Creations - Men's Silver Personalized Gifts











4. Personal Tea Ceremony Set from Gift A Feast // $175 + 25% OFF with our Coupon Code

Personal Tea Ceremony from Gift A Feast











5. Leather Bound Personalized Books from Top Notch Gift Shop // $85 – $150

personalized leather bound books











6. Photo Sticky Cube from Exposures Online // Regular price $24.95

Photo Sticky Cube













Watch The Gift Insider chatting about all these Gift Ideas below on NY1 New York News!


Dec 4 2013

Gift Advice // 2013 Top Ten Gift Trends

The Gift Insider spends our days scouring boutiques, the web and magazines to find the hottest and most on-trend gifts out there.   We’ve rounded up some of the latest holiday gift trends we are seeing this year.


1. State Pride Gifts – Totes, necklaces, soaps and prints in the shape of your state or with your neighborhood map have been huge.  Try a state shaped cutting boards.

2. Alphabet and Letter Decor – Vintage Marquee Lights, metal and fabric intial letters are a great customized gift that gives a customized flare to giftees homes.

3. Glitz and Glam is Everywhere – Sparkles, gems and glitter are big with the ladies this season. Try  Soap Baubles, soap in the shape of gems or glam nail polish from AKay Style are a great pic for any glam girl.

4. Monthly Subscription Services –  It’s the new version of “of-the-month” clubs. Blacksocks is a subscription service that sends 3 pairs of black socks to your home 3 times a year for $89.00. Try The World sends you gift boxes from different parts of the world, first stop Paris and Blockful sends you delish artisan edibles from different cities like Chicago and Seattle.

5. Insta-worthy Gifts – New moms are loving, Belly Banter milestone monthly stickers are huge for the little ones to take photos of their growth each month and the XShot that let’s you extend your camera so everything and everyone can get in the shot.

6. Go Wireless – Wireless speakers like the Sonos that play your internet radio and playlists directly through your home speakers, solar iPhone charging systems, bluetooth BBQ thermometers.  No wants to deal with the cords anymore.

7. Put Their Name On It –  For the men, try these leather bound “hobby” books that can be personalized with their name for caffeine addicts try customized coffee grinds labels or gift your kids a photo of their name on an actual street sign.

8. Terrariums and Succulents – These are a huge trend in plants and floral.  They last longer than flowers and give an urban flare to any home. Faerie Nest even has “naughty” miniatures to add to it.

9. Vintage + Retro  – It’s all back. Use a vintage family photo and gift a one-of-a kind pillow to Grams or give a refubrished gramophone speaker to your favorite hipster.

10. DIY Everything – DIY or Do it Yourself gifts are all the rage with the crafty types, check out our Pinterest Board for Inspiration.


Dec 2 2013

We’re in New York Magazine! #DOAC

A big thanks to NY Mag and the DOAC compaign for highlighting our gift tips in this weeks New York Magazine Gift Issue.





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