Jun 27 2012

GIFT PICK: For the Yoga Lover

Hot Dog Roll Pack Yoga

I love this! Finally an organized way to keep my yoga matt & all the stuff that I always need. This ingenious HotdogYoga Rollpack design rolls up like a hot dog bun.  Practical outside pockets for hair ties,  keys, phone, big one for the water bottle… The matt and towel are wrapped up like a hot dog in the inside of the bag.  $89.95.  20% off and Free Shipping for The Gift Insider customers. See COUPON CODE.

DEAL: Use Code Insider for 20% off & Free Shipping


Jun 26 2012

Featured Guest Posts: Gifts for Cancers

Cancer – June 21 – July 22

If you don’t stop and think about the personality of Cancers before gifting, you could make a huge mistake! After speaking with astrologer Steven Stuckey, here are some of the qualities to consider when buying a gift for a Cancer.

Cancers are big hearted, caring individuals who love to make a warm and inviting home. They are known to be a bit passive and shy, wanting to be surrounded by familiar friends and family instead of a new crowd. They also love taking care of people or animals and providing for them, which parallels their love of cooking.

“It’s hard to find a Cancer that isn’t a culinary genius,” said Stuckey.

And, being a water sign and ruled by the moon, they enjoy anything to do with the water and baths.

–          Since they are keen on culinary ventures, try gifting them a cooking class from Cloud 9 Living. Or  mix food with water for a dinner or lunch cruise.

–          A family tree lets a Cancer display what is nearest and dearest to them; family. Think out of the box of a traditional tree and consider the Modern Family Tree graphic from uncommongoods.com or the Family Tree Dinner Set from rustdesigns.com.

–          Something to bring warmth to the home like silhouette wall art or a personalized casserole dish will pull at the heartstrings.

–          Show what a big heart cancer has with heart shaped items from a heart-shaped spatula to  mugs full of love from BoldLoft.com.

–          Play off of their love for H2O with Naturally Irish Bath Salts from Fragrances of Ireland.


Author Bio: Based out of Denver, CO, Ashley McCredie is the online content coordinator for and experience gifts company, Cloud 9 Living. She is a freelance blogger and writer, a photographer and a traveler. Follow her on Twitter at: @ashleymccredie 


Jun 19 2012

PRESS: TGI Interviewed by U.S. News – Affordable Father’s Day Gifts

Check out our interviewwith U.S. News …

With Father’s Day this Sunday, you might find yourself still without a gift for dad. But don’t worry: It’s not too late to get him a great present.

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Jun 18 2012

Lucky us! We got an (AWESOME) intern!

We can’t say enough great things about our intern, Stephanie! She’s got a ton of energy, goes to a BIG10 school, loves to mupload (mobile upload) & is a prett-ay good dancer! Oh yeah & she’s quite the gift expert. We’re siked to have her on our team this summer & you should be too!


Hi gifters! My name is Stephanie and I could not be more excited to join The Gift Insider team as a Summer intern gift expert. I just returned to the United States from a semester abroad in Prague and will be a Senior Communications major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall.  One of my favorite things is to make people smile, and everyone knows the best way to do that is with the ‘perfect’ gift 🙂 I also love to sing, laugh, and cheer on the Badgers.

Here are a few of my fav gift picks:

Why not give a gift that keeps on giving? This perfectly priced picture frame from Five ACCESSORIES is made out of recycled ticket stubs and cards. The best part is that 15% from each frame sold goes back to StreetWise as a fundraiser.

Erin Gallagher’s handmade jewelry is a perfect gift for just about any woman. Her online GEM BAR allows customers to customize their own product- they can pick the type of jewelry to the stone color and shape!

Searching for the perfect ‘thank you’ gift? Look past the cliché flowers and cookies and on to macaroons! These melt-in-your-mouth delicious cookies are a great way to show your gratitude.

Happy Gifting,



Jun 14 2012

TGI Tips: 5 Dad Gifts You Can Give Last Minute

While we don’t recommend waiting until the day-of to find a gift for Dad, for the years it inevitably happens, here are some thoughtful ideas you can send, print or give last minute. And we mean literally, five minutes before brunch.

Trunk Club Last Minute Gift

1.  A New Wardrobe in a Trunk –  Leave picking out clothes for Dad to the professionals. Give him a printable gift certificate to TrunkClub, a company that does his shopping for him and delivers in a trunk right to his door (he can conveniently send back anything he doesn’t like.)

2. iPhone/iPod Apps – Does Dad have all the gadgets but no clue what to do with them.  Help him out and download some apps from iTunes for him that fit his interests. iTunes.com

3. Box of Awesome – Give dad a subscription to Bespoke Post and they will send a “Box of Awesome” handpicked with cool and curated products to Dad each month. Give 1, 3 or 6 months. Their Junes box is s a collaboration with DETAILS Magazine and full of summer essentials like foldable sunglasses.

4. Personalized Magazine Cover – Pick Dad’s favorite hobby (Golf, Fishing, Hunting, etc) upload a photo a photo of him to YourCover.com and choose funny headlines to make him the star of his own magazine.  Print out on you computer and find an inexpensive frame at your local drugstore. $12.95 + frame.

 5. Of-the-Month Clubs – Whiskey of the Month Club, BBQ of the Month Club, Sock of the Month Club. These subscriptions keep on giving, look thoughtful but really can be ordered a couple hours before it’s time to head out the door.

We all know EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU have waited until the last minute to find a gift at some point … tell us what you have scrounged up before you needed to head your annual Father’s Day gathering?  Comment below or on our Facebook page.



Jun 10 2012

GIFT GUIDE: Cool Dads & Grads Gift Ideas (seen on NBC5 Chicago + Fox2Detroit)

With Father’s Day coming up & graduation party invites rolling in, we’ve got some unique ideas for Dads & grads!  Watch The Gift Insider highlight our Top Picks on NBC Chicago on 6.3.2012.

And on Fox2Detroit on 6.10.2012.

<<>>MOVE mobile suitcases <<>>

more than a suitcase, it’s a movement! the sleekest luggage around, perfect for the minimalist man who likes to travel in style. and you know it’s hot because snoop dogg rolls with ’em.

<<>>Design your own charm @ the online GEM BAR by Erin Gallagher <<>>

based in Chicago, this hip jewelry line lets you mix & match chains and stones of all different varieties. It’s a great way to give a grad a one-of-a kind gift.

<<>> Grilled Cheesus <<>>

kitchsy electronic sandwich press that toasts the face of jesus into your sandwich. A Kickstarter invention from a sweet couple in Brooklyn, this holy press is sure to make anyone’s day.  40% OFF with an exclusive GIFT INSIDER CODE

<<>> FreeBeneath Robes <<>>

the perfect chill dorm attire for the grad & great for dads who like to keep it casual around the house.


shipped with a Crowbar! So Manly. No ribbons, nothing pink & pretty. Just cool guy stuff shipped in a crate. The unexpected opening experience is pretty fun too. They have about 15 different crates for every kind of guy.

<<>>BBQ Of The Month Club<<>>

literally perfect for that Dad who loves to grill, and we’re so obviously big fans of anything of-the-month.

<<>>Hot Dog Yoga Rollpack<<>>

pack your yoga gear inside, roll your mat inside and throw your water bottle and keys on the outside. brilliant.

<<>>In Dad We Trust Wallet <<>>

daddy warbucks could of used one of these! Funny, yet true…tell your Dad “we appreciate all the things ($$) you do!”





Jun 10 2012

FreeBeneath: Let Dad Chill This Father’s Day

Free Beneath is what I got Papa Gift Insider last year for Father’s Day. This year he asked for a new one.  The fam has proven this is a spot on gifts for hardworkin’ Dads.

FreeBeneath Robes



Jun 4 2012

Mancrates: Filled with Cool Stuff for Guys

Playing around with our Mancrate…

Mancrates, Crates for Guys

It’s a requirement to open this ManCrate with a crowbar. Each gift full of of manliness comes with one and opening the box is half the fun.   This cool-dude company has about 15 different crates for every kind of guy. This one is their Survival Kit. Awesome Graduation or Father’s Day Gift ideas. $79.99

DEAL: Enter GIFTINSIDER for 10% off through 10/12

—–>Watch it live on our TV segment on NBC Chicago 


Jun 4 2012

Grilled Cheesus Panini Maker: Jesus on Toast

Check out my first experience trying out the The Grilled Cheesus! Amazeballs.

Grilled Cheesus Panini Maker

The Grilled Cheesus is an electronic sandwich press that toasts the face of Jesus onto your sandwich bread.  Definitely fun way to impress/freak out your college roommates or inspire kids at breakfast. Portion of profit goes to Feed the Hungry.  The idea came before the Glee episode, but we’re certain it will be a hit for Gleek fans.  “Bring a little miracle to lunchtime.”   $39.95

INSIDER40 for 40% off until June 6th. Buy here:  grilledcheesus.com

—–>Watch it live on our TV segment on NBC Chicago 


Jun 1 2012

GEM BAR by Erin Gallagher: Gift Picks for Grads


Erin Gallagher’s Jewelry is a local Chicago jewelry designer that we’re kind of obsessed with. This site has a GEM BAR, where customers choose and mix and match chains and stones and get to let their creative juices flow.  Pieces can be customized to reflect school colors, birthstones, favorite stones.  Totally unique, totally meaningful. Lots of gift ideas under $100. Hand-made in Chicago.

—–> Featured on TV w/ TGI: Top Gift Picks for Dads and Grads.




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