Apr 27 2012

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Seen On NY1 News

[1] The Pampered Pregnancy Box for the Mom-To-Be

[2] Wine Bottle Vases for the Crafty Mom

[3] Personalized Collection of Scented Soaps for the Mom Who Loves to Entertain (use code MothersNY1 for 15% off)

[4] Custom Charm Necklaces for the Sentimental Mom (GI120 20% off & Free shipping)

[5] Special Edition Bond No.9 “I Love New York” Perfume for Mother’s Day for the Trendsetting Mom


Apr 25 2012

31 Bits: Give to Mom While Giving Back

We just adore 31 Bits jewelry & love their mission! Each piece of jewelry you buy from them is handmade from a woman in Uganda, who they are in turn helping to fund her own business, education and other avenues that can help her succeed. Learn more about 31 Bits & their mission

This is such a great gift for Mother’s Day! Because when you buy a piece of 31 Bits, you’re also helping mothers in Uganda & then, everyone wins. This Mother’s Day they are offering special packaging where you have the option to personalize a gift tag at no extra charge.


Apr 20 2012

Hey Mama! Our Mother’s Day Gift Pick for the Scent Lover

Instead of just giving 1 gift on Mother’s Day, why not make her whole year by giving her a scent-of-the-month club? We love Aroma Persona‘s because it’s personalized & you can choose a different scent every month. A year of sweet smells for your sweet Mom!



Apr 18 2012

Hey Mama! Our Mother’s Day Gift Pick for the Stylish Hostess

Is your mom ever the entertainer? Always finding an excuse to have parties just so she can use her snazzy serving trays & try out some new appetizers she saw on Food Network? Well then these chic coasters from iomoi are sure to swoon…


Apr 13 2012

Hey Mama! Our Mother’s Day Gift Pick for New Mamas

One of the most unique birth announcements we’ve ever seen is served up here on a pillow in neatly designed type from Uncommon Goods. Choose blue or pink, customize the birth stats & you’ve got one comfy birth announcement. It’s perfect for new moms & will look great in any baby’s room! Get more info here




Apr 12 2012

Featured Guest Post: Gifts for Aries

When giving a gift, the first thing to consider is the recipient’s personality. What better way to do this than look at their zodiac sign?

Aries birthday falls between March 21 and April 20, and with the help of astrologer Steven Stuckey  we’ve broken down their personality and which gifts fit them best.

Aries are spontaneous, energetic and courageous. They are competitive and like to be noticed, which contributes to their “me first” attitude. They like movement and bore easily due to a short attention span, so anything action-packed appeals to them. Their element, fire, makes them energetic and in continual motion. And they are pioneers and like to be number one since they are the first sign of the zodiac year.

Fair warning Aries do not fully appreciate refinement, so spending the big bucks won’t impress. Also, they tend to like physicality more than emotions.

Here are some of the top gifts to consider for those ruled by the ram.


Author Bio: Based out of Denver, CO, Ashley McCredie is the online content coordinator for and experience gifts company, Cloud 9 Living. She is a freelance blogger and writer, a photographer and a traveler. Follow her on Twitter at: @ashleymccredie 


Apr 11 2012

Hey Mama! Our “Better Than a Card” gift pick for Mother’s Day









Mother’s Day is coming up & we wanted to get your creative gift-giving juices flowing with some fab gift ideas! We’ll be posting two gift picks a week leading up to Mother’s Day to help you find something special for the most important lady in your life.


Let’s kick-off our Hey Mama! Gift Picks with this heart-felt wooden sign from Kathy Black.

Your mom can hang this up & be reminded of her *favorite* child every time she looks at it!


Apr 8 2012

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas: Off The Registry

When it comes to wedding gifts, whether it’s for a shower or the big day, it’s hard to be creative because of that big list of gifts they already have laid out for you AKA The Registry. Now, we’re not knocking registries, because at least you know that what the bride & groom has on that list, they want…but what if you could get them something they couldn’t register for? Something personalized and something unique? So go for it, take a risk and wow them with something…

<<  in love with these personalized heart-shaped messages & pictures

<< a great “after the wedding” gift to remember their big day – an illustration of a wedding photo

<< give them “their day” and they’ll own the rights to their wedding date

<< guests do the videotaping for your wedding video- wedit

<< give them something to toast with on their 1st anniversary – wine & wooden box  with their date 

<< make the bride & groom the star of their own romance novel

<< give them “the wisdom of others” – a great option for a group gift

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas on Fox2Detroit with Gift Expert/Lindsay Roberts




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