Oct 11 2010

Automobrella – The Perfect Tailgating Solution

This Automobrella is the perfect invention for making it comfortable to tailgate on sunny or rainy days. 

It’s essentially a huge  umbrella that hooks up to the back of your truck so you can get shade all day or afternoon. 

It’s easy to set up, quality material and  pivots so it protects you no matter where you are.

Price ranges for $99 – $299


Oct 11 2010

Alumni T Shirt Quilt

Finally a way to get all your old favorite tees out from under your bed. 
Everyone has tons of old t-shirts that hold special meaning, yet don’t really have anything to do with them.
That’s why these t-shirt quilts by Memoryquilts4u.com are a perfect solution to keeping your memories but not taking over your closet. 
It’s perfect gift to celebrate someone’s alma mater, right in time for tailgate season! 

Oct 11 2010

NFL Can Sling Cooler

Sling this cooler over your back to easily lug around 6 cold beers.  
Support your favorite team proudly and keep your hands free for things like brats, beers and fist pumps.

Oct 11 2010

Oct 10 2010

Coolest Boat Toys Ever

These water toys really make lake livin’ all the more perfect.

The Fiesta Island fits 8 and has a mesh bottom so you can either sit comfortably in the water and use the tube as a back rest or sit on the tube itself.

The inflatable cooler is awesome too.

There’s no better party than a party on the lake…


Oct 8 2010



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