Aug 27 2010

Relax. Do Good.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to the guys from Yellow Leaf Hammocks and they seem about as wonderful as their business plan.

They started the company when they took a trip to Thailand, fell in love with these hammocks and decided to find a way to bring them back to the States. All while supporting the Miabri people who make them.

They have the most vibrant, fun colors and a variety of hammock styles.  Makes me wish I lived somewhere with a yard to put one in.

  Check them out for yourself.


Aug 26 2010

The Gift Insider on Radio Go Girl

The Gift Insider will be doing our first radio show with Radio Go Girl on October 18th.

We’ll be discussing tips, advice and etiquette for creative and unique gift giving as well some fall and Halloween gift ideas.

A huge thanks to Radio Go Girl for giving us the opportunity to be involved in such a fun, innovative, women centered show!


Aug 25 2010

St Louis Gift Shop Guide – Blissinger’s Chocolates

I was pretty much in chocolate heaven when I walked into Blissinger’s.

I wanted pretty much everything… but thought this would be a cute St Louis gift to bring back home.

I’d say this might be one of those places where it’s even smarter just to treat yourself, no need to think about others allllll the time.


Aug 25 2010

St Louis Gift Shop Guide – Cassie’s Scents

Cassie Fragrance is a boutique in St Louis where you can mix your own scent.

Not only that, but you can use their scent for perfume, or even body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.

They also have beautiful empty fragrance bottles that you can put a customized fragrance in to make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift.

Cassie’s Scents


Aug 25 2010

Disposable Flasks

I can’t believe I didn’t know about these in college….

We had a little high school reunion this past weekend in Chicago and these disposable flasks were pretty much the biggest hit of the weekend.

They come in fab designs and colors and are are the perfect size to throw in your purse or even your pocket or coat.

Never be stuck at a party, tailgate or pregame without your favorite drink of choice again.

Disposable Flasks


Aug 25 2010

New Buffalo Gift Shop Guide

New Buffalo, Michigan is a vacation town just a few hours away from Chicago – perfect place for a weekend trip.

I must admit I didn’t do much gift shop hunting while there (it was a friend’s bachelorette party…), but I did take note of some of must visit spots in town.

First and foremost…

Redamaks for the best burger you will ever taste.  It’s also conveniently on your way to or from Chicago – Detroit, but only open during summer months.

Weekends is the boutique where I become obsessed with this bean bag chair.  It’s a cool, bright, update on the ones your friends had in college.  And its big enough to pretty much be even level with your couch, therefore totally appropriate for post college life.

Oinks for Ice Cream.  The whole shop is pig themed, you will never see more pig tchotchkes in your life.


Aug 25 2010

Egg Harbor Gift Shop Guide

Egg Harbor is a super cute, relaxing, laid back vacation town in northern Wisconsin.

I went up there for a wedding this summer and absolutely loved it – right on lake Michigan, perfect place to get away.

If you are ever in the area looking for gifts or just shopping around these are some fun stores to check out:

Liberty Square is a grouping of stores all connected, toys, jewelry, souvenirs, etc.

Something Fishy has lots of artist made jewelry.  I love the pick your own charm idea that they uniquely display on mannequins.

Maxwell’s House has some great furniture and home accessories.  All fun, bright and perfect for a vacation home.


Aug 19 2010

Aug 16 2010

Citizen Bean Coffee of The Month

Citizen Bean Coffee of the Month Club is one of the most clever coffee of the month clubs I have came across.

Each month you get a pound of coffee from independent roasters all across the country.  They even send little cookies, crackers and hand wrapped gifts to make their experience as perfect as possible.

Better yet, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the charity of your choice! 


Aug 16 2010

First Solar Powered Portable iPod Player

This item is perfect for Tailgating, BBQing, hanging by the pool.

It’s the first Solar Powered Portable iPod and iPhone player.  It’s super durable and splash proof, made from aluminum and rubber so it’s perfect for using outdoors.

You just lift the Solar Panel up and it charges the battery and lasts up to 7 hours in the sun!

Making your tailgating a little greener and easier!




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