Jul 23 2010

Capture Your Most Candid Wedding Moments

Wedit is an innovative new company that helps you capture your most memorable and candid wedding moments at a fraction of the price of hiring a professional videographer.

Wedit rents out several of the the oh-so-cute-and-popular Flip video cameras so your guests can videotape all the highlights of your big day.

After the wedding, return the cameras and Wedit will edit your footage so you can re-live the intimate, real and most likely hilarious moments forever and ever and ever.


Jul 23 2010

Artful Heirlooms – Make A Caricature of all your Besties

I had this caricature made in 2003 for all my best girlfriends when they graduated high school and we still all have it hanging on our walls!

Artful Heirlooms makes custom caricatures for any group or individual you’d like.

All you have to do is send in a few pictures and they will draw a fun and humorous sketch of all your favorite people!



Jul 23 2010

T’s For dads-to-be

Bellyman is a line of vintage inspired, uber-soft T’s for dads-to- be.

Let the future pops get in on the fun and show off his due date with these cool, unique and casual tees.

Mom has maternity clothes and a growing belly to show off her excitement, let Dad get in on the fun too and wear his paternity proudly!




Jul 20 2010

Jul 20 2010

Jul 7 2010

Jul 6 2010

Carry Goods Like A True European

These bags by a German company, reisenthel, are perfect for grocery shopping, picnicking and carrying just about anything.

They come in lots of fun designs and colors and when you are done using it you can just fold it down flat and store.

You can purchase at Touch Of Europe

Touch Of Europe


Jul 6 2010

Mini Rechargeable Speakers

With all the iPods, iPads, and iPhones out there now (clearly I’m a big apple girl), it’s easy to have access to your music wherever you are.

The problem is there aren’t always plugs everywhere you’d like to jam out… the beach, the boat, the park, hikes, rooftop parties, bbqs.

That’s why these mini speakers from iHome are perfect.  The  iHM79 speakers are tiny, cute, rechargeable and ultra portable.  They have some other more masculine designs I love as well. 

$49.99 at iHome Audio


Jul 6 2010

Drink Wine and Eat Apps at the Same Time

How annoying is it when you have a drink in your hand at a cocktail party and have to pass up all the delish apps you see everyone else eating.

Why settle for one or the other? This Wine Glass Top Appetizer Plates solve this problem entirely.


Catching Fireflies


Jul 6 2010

Thank You Garden In A Bag

I love these “Gardens in a Bag” gifts.

Thank you gifts are always a little tough.  When you are thanking someone,  most don’t expect an expensive or fancy gift.

That’s why this $8.99 gift is perfect. It’s still thoughtful and shows your appreciation, but a perfect cheap price point.





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