May 20 2010

Kodak’s New Share Button

Kodak recently started putting a “Share Button” on their camera.  I think it’s brilliant.  
I love taking pictures, but rarely find the time to upload them on my computer.  This way you can take them and send them instantly to facebook or to an email.
It’s great for families too – don’t have time to make a phone call?  Forward them pics of what you’ve been up to.  A picture does say 1,000 words. 

Kodak Slice


May 20 2010

Keep Your All Your Bags Organized

Everyone is carrying around huge bags these days.

They are cute – but definitely make things a little harder to find what you are looking for.  Also great if you love to transer purses all the time.

Keep your purse organized with these fun cases from KangaRoom



May 20 2010

Decor For Your Pad, Music for Your Ears

This is too cool looking to be a music player.  It really appears to more of decor than somewhere to put your iPod.

You should check this one.

It has touch light, so when you get close to touching it the screen comes up with your iPod info.  Pretty cool, pretty sleek, perfect for Dad or a Grad you really, really love.

Geneva Sound Lab


May 20 2010

Lap Top Portable e-Pad

Brookstone’s e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk is a perfect gift for a graduate.

Comes in lots of different colors, can be stored away and folded and even can cushion your laptop while you’re not using it.

$40 from Brookstone


May 20 2010

His Files Will All Be Organized and Safe Thanks to You!

Up to 75% Off Select Personalized Gifts! CLICK HERE to Shop Things Remembered Now!

Give Dad or Grad a personalized USB drive.



May 20 2010

Coolest Luggage On The Market

Heys USA has the funnest, coolest and most vibrant luggage designs around.

You will be sure to never loose your luggage again.

Heys USA


May 20 2010

Have a Wishing Wall at Your Grad Party

This is one of my favorite gifts for graduation.

It’s a wishing wall from

You put it out at your grad party and then guests can take one of the colorful sheets of paper, write you a wish and stick it in the wall.

It’s like an updated version of a sign in book, and even more personal!


May 20 2010

Beer Classics – Beer Glasses with Class

Perfect for Dad or Grad as well.

This set comes with 6 different beer glasses, all are shaped differently depending on the type of beer it is made for.



May 20 2010

Passport Case for Dad or Grad

Everyone could use a little more organization in their travel routine.

Why not do it with style, but not spend tons of cash? $28.00

Brown Croc Rowallan of Scotland Alistair Passport Wallet


May 20 2010

Mama Says “No More Frozen Pizza”

Send your boy off to college with some recipies from mamasays … disguised as a pizza box.

Such a cute idea! And only $18.99

Great thing to stock up on before graduation season begins.




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