Mar 5 2010

MINI Everything at Minimus

  Miniumus is a site that pretty much makes mini everything.

I thought these Bachelor Kits were pretty funny.

They created two different styles, one For Him to “throw in the back of his car for any impromptu sleepovers” and then the one that is pictured For Her, “so she has no excuses to not spend the night.”

They also have lots of travel kits, office kits, camping kits, the works.


Mar 4 2010

Bring to Your Oscar Party

You can’t show up empty handed to a party, especially not an Oscar Party.

If you’re cooking skills aren’t really up to par, bring over Moet’s limited edition Buckets of Bubbles.

It comes with four mini flutes and four bottles of champange.

Sure to keep you on the invite list.



Mar 2 2010

Poloroid’s PoGo Printer – Print From Your Cell!

Poloroid’s PoGo lets you print your pictures super easily from your digital camera or even your cell phone!  
It’s like the perks of a poloroid with the convenince of only having to carry your cell around.
Comes in pink, perfect for Valentine’s Day

Mar 1 2010

Create Your Very Own Scent

Salud Spa Bar is an online boutique where you can create your own fragrance.

Pick and choose your favorite scents and finally have a scent that is all your own.

They made a special Fox 2 blend that I will feature on the segment.  It combines our state flower and some other Michigan inspired scents!




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