Mar 30 2010

For A New Mommy – Measure Her Belly

Give this adorable Mommy Measure that measures the size of your growing belly as a cute, inexpensive congratulations gift to someone who just announced their pregnancy.

If you’re in your prime “my friends are getting pregnant every other day” time of your life, buy a bunch to keep on hand.



Mar 30 2010

Pink Tequila Infused w/ Flowers For Mom

Great gift for the mom who likes pretty things and still likes to party.

Rosangel Tequila is pink and infused with hibiscus flowers.

Not your traditional gift, but I’m sure if your thinking of giving your mom tequila for Mother’s Day she’s not very traditional anyways.

Party on ladies.



Mar 30 2010

Give Mom a Bracelet That Gives Back

Same Sky employs HIV+ women in Rwanda who survived the 1994 Genocide.

Each bracelet is handcrafted by these women and carries their signature. 

All different colored handblown beads … check out the site for all the different colors and options.

Same Sky


Mar 30 2010

Gift for a Mom Who Loves the Kitchen

This Zip n Dry Apron is from the same line as the Grab n Dry towels we featured in our Holiday Fox Segment.

So smart. It’s an apron that you can use as a towel and zip off to wash and dry.

Looks pretty cute too. Great gift for a modern mom.


Zip n Dry Apron w/ Attached Towel (Green Apron/Gray Towel)


Mar 28 2010

Give a Deluxe Massage Cushion

Michigan based company, Homedics, has lots of great ways to pamper yourself.

This luxurious all-in-one massaging cushion adjusts to fit your body.  It’s pretty much the KING of all the massage cushions out there. 

The sent one over for me to review for the WGN segment – I literally have come home from work everyday and sat.  It does wonders. 

It has shiatsu, rolling massage, heat, vibration… the works. 

Homedics SBM-500H Therapist Select Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat


Mar 28 2010


Built is a fun company that makes neoprene bags, lap top sleeves, lunch totes, bottle totes etc all in fun colors  and patterns.

Great place for Mom gifts. Definitely check out the lap top covers and camera cases too.


Built Neoprene Tasty Lunch Tote, Micro Dot


Mar 28 2010

Love, Beverly Hills

Jewelry and travel … two of most women’s favorite things.

This Limited Edition Love necklace was designed by local Beverly Hills artist Zina Sherman in conjunction with Beverly Hills Conferences and Tourism Bureau.

This is a great family Mother’s Day gift.  Give your mom this necklace combined with a family trip to Beverly Hills and you’ll have a very happy mother!


Mar 28 2010

Raising The Candy Bar – 20% discount for With Love Readers!

Raising The Candy Bar is a chocolate shop in Skokie, IL that really takes it to the next level.

They sent over some taste test samples for me to try for the WGN Mother’s Day segment and I haven’t been able to stop raving about their stuff since.

Last night I tried:  Taffy apple – first layer caramel, second layer chocolate, third layer oreos … unbelievable.

Night before: Three chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick doused with sprinkles.

They specialize in Kosher candy, gluten free, sugar free, organic.  Great place to get something for a Passover seder.

Use coupon code: WITHLOVE for 20% off through April 30


Mar 28 2010

Great Mother’s Day Deal – French Skin Care Line

Give Mom products from the new luxury based French Skin Care line, Votre Vu.

They have a Mother’s Day special that includes their Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Creme and Tout Le Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelee, regularly a combined price of $98.00 is on sale for $46.00.


Mar 28 2010

La Prairie’s Life Threads Perfume

Give Mom the luxurious La Prairie Life Threads in Silver, Gold or Platinum (or all three if you realllllly want to show her how much you love her.)

It will look beautiful in her bathroom.

Comes in Silver: floral woody; Gold: spicy Oriental; Platinum: elegant and edgy chypre floral



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