Feb 9 2010

Combining Jewelry and Travels

Jill Golden’s Flutter NYC has some really trendy and unique jewelry designs all inspired by her travels – hence, Flutter.

She has designs and collections themed around different cities across the world, Barcelona, Capri, Mallorca, Buenos Aires Etc.
She’s orginially from Michigan too!

Lots of fun stuff to browse through.


Feb 9 2010

Frame It

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE John Murphy frames.  Lots of fun colors, quality material.

He sent over a pink one for our interview and it looks even better in person.

Now the hard part is finding the perfect picture to put in it!


Feb 8 2010

MarieBelle – So Chic Chocolates

These beautiful chocolate candies by MarieBelle are a gorgeous gift.  They have chic little designs on all the candies.

Nice for your wife or for your daughter.

Also a nice option for a new relationship, always a tough gift to find. 

Another great pick from Cambria Cove.


Feb 8 2010

Make Perfume Out Of Your DNA

Give a gift you are sure no else will have…

Make a fragrance from your DNA at MyDNA.

If you are really sneaky find a way to get a swab of your girlfriend or boyfriend’s DNA on a cotton swab, send it in and surprise them.

If that’s not possible, they will send you a really creative little DNA kit w/ a vile, cotton swabs and a DNA transporting pouch.

You can give that as a the precursor to gift and let them know what’s coming!


Feb 8 2010

For A Hard to Shop For Girl

No girl can ever have enough candles, lotions or body wash.

If you don’t know what to get your girl giving her a few little luxuries is always a easy and safe bet.  Especially when they are packaged as beautifully as Lollia’s products.

Check out Layla Grayce to shop for Lollia products and lots of other equally luxurious and beautiful options.


Feb 8 2010

Queen of Cute Stationary – Erin Condren

Erin Condren has the cutest stationary around.

Definitely not your typical stationary site.  Lot’s of fun and unique ideas like these Valentine’s Day stickers.

Get some made with your name and stick them on anything, bottles of wine, gifts, bags of candy like this.

Fun way to give something personal.   Great for graduations, housewarmings, weddings.


Feb 8 2010

Block Headwear

Block Headwear out of NYC has some great hats for guys.  
They sent over this Knickerbocker Hat for the Valentine’s Day Segment and I actually happen to love if for myself too.
Get one for your boyfriend … he can share. 

Feb 8 2010

Feb 8 2010

What To Do For Valentine’s Day in a New Relationship

Check out our friends over at Someonespoilme.com for some great articles and gift ideas.

It’s such a cute site!

This article answers the tough and potentially awkward issue of – “What do you do for Valentine’s Day if you are in a new relationship/just starting to date”

Navigating a New Relationship – Someonespoilme.com


Feb 7 2010

Recessonita’s Resort Vacation, Health Club and Music Lessons All In One

I know the excitement has died a little, but I still think the Wii is amazing all around.

WiiSports Resort is a great way to pretend you are on the exotic vacation you plan to take after the economy picks up a bit.

And who doesn’t love Beatles Rock Band?  When I am home for the holidays we have Putnam Drive Rock Band nights … pretty unbeatable way to spend a night in.

And what a better way to work out than by sitting in front of your tv at home?

The Wii also won Good Housekeeping’s Very Innovative Product Awards … you can’t beat that.




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