Feb 25 2010

I found the PERFECT candle

If you know me well, you know I am obsessed with candles and always complaining about how I can never find one with a strong enough smell.

Deliriurm & Co. Candles sent over some samples for our Fox Segment and I finally found my perfect candle.

The silver, black or blue design makes it so the candle always looks new and the edges never turn black like so many candles do.  And the simple design looks chic in pretty any area of your place.

Great colors for men too, you know he won’t ask for one but a nice candle is something every real man should have.



Feb 23 2010

Friends Pay Friends Online

This is the smartest idea I’ve heard in a while.

GREAT for buying gifts from groups on friends.

Paystr sets it up so you can do figure out expenses and pay people back.  Great for trips, bachelorrete parties, big gifts.



Feb 22 2010

Perfume in a Stick!

These are really cute little solid fragrance sticks by Crazylibellule and the Poppies.

Great for traveling, small enough to fit in your clutch on the weekends, convenient for impromptu sleepovers.

Cute stocking stuffer when the holidays come around! 



Feb 15 2010

Danielson Designs – Custom Decor

“Custom Decor so simple it’s stunning”

Danielson Designs makes it super easy to personalize frames, signs, awards, plaques etc.

This bud vase is one of my favorites.  They created this especially for our Valentine’s Day Segment.

Easy way to give a personalized housewarming presents, graduations, new baby!

Danielsons Designs


Feb 12 2010

Cute and Comfy PJS

Eberjey has the cutest and comfiest PJ’s.  Some cute, some sexy, all adorable.

I love this set with tiny hearts.



Feb 9 2010

Infusion Organique Diffusers

Infusion Organique Diffusers are beautiful and eco-friendly.  
Great gift for a friend who likes to be green but still likes nice things.

$56.00 for a 6.4 Fl or $90 for 16 FL


Feb 9 2010

The Shooting Gallery

Apparently Budoir is the new thing in the photography world!

The Shooting Gallery is another company that will do a fun Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot for you!

The Shooting Gallery


Feb 9 2010

Gift For A Movie Lover

The Roku lets you stream your Net Flix right to your TV.

Makes the brilliant idea of Netflick even more perfect for lazy couch potatoes.  And really anyone…

Only $79.00 and you never have to go out to rent a DVD again.


Feb 9 2010

Give a Bottle of Veuve – All Wrapped Up

Nothing is more romantic than a nice bottle of champagne.   
Except maybe a nice bottle of champagne in an adorable pink case. 

Give a Bottle of Veuve


Feb 9 2010

Art of Bath Set

This is for SERIOUS bath lovers only.

La Prairie, luzuxy skincare brand from Switzerland has created this limited edition Art Of Bath Set.

It’ll run you about $500, but you will have the most relaxing bath of your life.

La Prairie




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