Jan 18 2010

“I Hate Valentines Day” Gifts

Couples shouldn’t be the only ones getting gifts this holiday.  Give your single friends something too.

Perpetual Kid


Jan 18 2010

Give A Customizable Mug

They have some great inexpensive and quirky valentines day gifts at Perpetual Kid.

Give this mug and you can change it every morning.

Perpetual Kid


Jan 18 2010

From My Heart to Yours Pillowcases

Bold Loft has some great “coupley” gifts.  They have tons of pillow cases like this, mugs and tees.

All designs for you and your lover, different messages for long distance lovers, I’m sorry messages, etc.

Jan 18 2010

Jan 17 2010

Silk Robes for Valentines Day

A sexy silk robe is a great Valentine’s gift for your lady.

It’s romantic and pretty, still sexy but not tooooo sexy.

Great gift for both you and her.



Jan 17 2010

Say I Love You in 7 Languages

Super fun gift that both of you will love.                          

These pink and red lacy boy shorts are a fun way to tell your lover how much you love her in 7 different languages.


Jan 15 2010

Give Your Girl Something Colorful For V-Day!

Dani L bracelets are a fun and unique way to give jewelry for Valentines Day. 

Each one comes with the line’s signature silver or gold sparkle bead, all completely different!

Bracelets range from $35-$65, they are a great alternative to giving some boring, expensive & expected silver necklace.

Dani, the designer, orginally hails from Michigan and now lives in Chicago.
Contact her if you are interested @ DVL135@gmail.com or 248.330.7303.

Jan 15 2010

Old School Romance – Mix Tapes For Your Main Squeeze

Mix tapes are no longer a thing of the past. 

There is a hidden USB Plug inside this vintage looking cassette tape to make it look like ones we made back in the day.

Make a playlist, load it onto USB, put it in the cassette and now you have a thoughtful, personalized and unique gift. 

Click link below to buy and get free shipping!


Jan 14 2010

Give Back – Text To Donate to Haiti Fund

We can all spare $5.00 for this tragedy.  There is no time for “I don’t know how, I am too lazy, I don’t have the spare time” excuses.

All you have to do is text YELE to 501501 and it will automatically donate $5 for you, after your text them it will ask you to confirm your donation by typing yes and you are all set.

Do your part people!

Yele Haiti Earthquake fund was founded by my main man Wyclef Jean, Haitian-born musician and goodwill ambassador.

How can you not?? Get out your phone and do it RIGHT NOW.


Jan 12 2010

Skip The Gym and Just Buy Some Skinny Tees

Someone should have come up with this long ago … figures the genius who did is from the wonderful city of Detroit (just like yours truly)!

These Skinny Tees come in lots of colors, one size fits most, super stretchy, super long and super flattering. And are all made in the U.S. of A.

A shout out to the not-so-bad-looking models as well (my girl Aly B and her gorgeous previously preggers sister Jamie)

Definitely a staple for every wardrobe, I’d like one in every color please.





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