Dec 30 2009

With Love’s “Forwardable” Holiday Wish List

The idea behind this wish list is to make it super easy for you to really “Get What You Want This Year.” 

You just download the pdf, check off things you think are cool and forward it along to your parents, grandparents, boyfriend, girlfriend etc.  

It totally eliminates the need to email a ton of links from a bunch of different sites, tear out pages from magazines or drop oh-subtle-hints all the time.  HAPPY SHOPPING!
With Love Wish List Final Distributed


Dec 22 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! With Love, From Puerta Vallarta


I will be heading out to Puerta Vallarta tomorrow morning, so this will be my last post until I return!

There are tons of ideas all over the site if you are still searching, be sure to check out the earliest posts.

If you need last minute ideas, check out the “Last Minute” Section on the right.

If you gave or received gifts featured on WITH LOVE please SHOW US SOME LOVE and leave comments about how it went!



Dec 21 2009

J.Crew’s New Of-The-Month Clubs

In my experience, people who like J.Crew, LOVE J.Crew.   

Lucky for them, J.Crew is now offering twelve months of luxury for anyone who had been super nice on your gift list this year. 

I’m a big fan of the jewelry of the month idea – J.Crew has some wonderful new Jewelry designs out lately. 

Great gift to give your wife just to make sure she remembers how much you love her every single month of the year! 

Jewelry of the month club- $850.00
Cashmere of the month club – $1,875.00
Shoe of the month club – $1,800,000
Tie of the month – $550.00
Call 1-866-739-5944 to sign up!


Dec 21 2009

Gifts For Him Featured Guest Blogger – The Undistinguished Eye

While I know you all LOVE reading my take on gift ideas all the time, I figured it was about time to get some other perspectives on the topic. This is my first “Featured Guest Blogger” post, where writers from some of my favorite sites send in their ideas for some of the hottest and latest gift ideas out there. 

Today’s post is from a great site that I have mentioned a few times previously, Reese Pozgay, founder of the site, has seriously great taste and blogs about all that’s hot, cool and upcoming. Definitely a great site to bookmark and check out whenever you need a little update on the good life.

Check Out The Site:

Many of you have found yourself searching for gifts on a more restricted budget this year. Fear not. Recession friendly gifts do exist out there for those of you still trying to recover from the storm. As the time for the last minute holiday gift scramble approaches, here are some ideas to help you narrow the search for the perfect affordable men’s gifts.

These great Jacobs by Marc Jacobs


Dec 18 2009

Dec 18 2009

Dec 18 2009

Gift From Man to Man

Reality Bedding makes photo prints on comforters so every man can enjoy beautiful women in his bed even at the height of his dry spells.

Great gift for a bachelor … or a sleeze ball.


Dec 18 2009

Everyone Wants The Best For Their Child, Right?

I know, I know $650 for a mini motorized BMW is slightly ridic…but that’s Saks Gift Guide for ya. And don’t worry haters, they have Mercedes too.

I couldn’t help but post, but to be perfectly clear I definitely DO NOT support buying your kid his first beemer at age 3-5.  But if you are so inclined…




Dec 18 2009

American Apparel Launches Nail Polish Line

Head to your local American Apparel to get a great last minute gift – $6.00 a bottle, just out nail polish.
They have pretty much any color you can imagine with quirk names like “Downtown LA” (a brick red), “Office” (a minty green), “Coney Island” (a bubble-gum pink) and…”Hassid” (a dark black).
Just like their clothes, all polish is made in the US of A.



Dec 18 2009

Order a Last Minute Gift Certificate – GREAT deal until 12/25 Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

Gift Certificates are a great last minute gift.  Just order and print it off – no overnight shipping costs or trip to the mall.  If you haven’t checked out yet, you must.  It’s pretty much the only way you should ever go out to dinner.  Use the code below to get $25 gift certificates to well known restaurants for as low as $2.00. 

Save 80% Off Dinner of the Month Club only at Use code SANTA thru 12/25/09.




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