Nov 19 2009

Sponsor an Animal at Sasha Farms – Visit The Animal You Sponsor!

Sasha Farms is a shelter/safe haven for rescued animals located in Manchester, MI.  It really is an incredible organization.

Their “Sponsor an Animal” opportunity is a perfect way to teach kids the importance of responsible giving. 

You can sponsor all sorts of rescued animals ranging from $40/year for a pigeon to $480/year for a horse.

The most amazing part is after you sponsor the animal, you then can bring your kids to visit the animals they sponsor at the farm and they can really see for their own little eyes what a great feeling it is to give back.


Nov 15 2009

Mini Diana Camera

Fun, relatively inexpensive camera that takes unique/artsy pics.
Click Link Above to shop



Nov 15 2009

Give Perfume, Let Her Pick Out The One She Wants

This is now the best and only way to give perfume or cologne.  

Instead of trying to pick out which fragrance you think someone else will like, give them a sample pack and let them pick it out for themselves.

The kit includes samples of best selling perfumes so they can try them all out and see which they like best and then a gift voucher redeemable for whichever one is their fav.



Nov 15 2009

Working Girl’s Survival Kit

Great for a 9-5 newbie.  Pretty much includes everything you wish you had at work but always forget to stock up on … static guard, advil, shout wipes etc.


Nov 15 2009

Sephora’s Sample Gifts Finally Make it Easy to Give Make Up

Sephora has some great Holiday Gift Ideas right now.

Girls can never really get enough make up, but it definitely is always a hard thing to pick out for someone other than yourself.

Check out all the new Sephora sample packs that feature sample sizes of their most popular products.   

You can’t go wrong.


Nov 14 2009

Gift For the Music Lover

Good Housekeeping has some great, super inexpensive gift ideas in their December Gift-Giving Guide. 

I know I’m not impartial since I work for the magazine, but I promise these are good ones!

This one is my favorite … only $7.95!

It’s the Bevy Ipod Shuffle Case, it includes a key chain, earbud wrap and even a bottle opener.  

Perfect holiday gift for a college student.


Nov 13 2009


Just got word that I am going to be interviewed on FOX 2 Detroit on the day after Thanksgiving! (The biggest shopping/gift buying day of the year!)

I will be featuring lots of gift ideas from WITH LOVE and talking all about the site.

 Should be around 9:00 am.

Wish me luck and set you DVRS!


Nov 12 2009

Foldable Flip Flops – Perfect For Pedicure Lover

This is perfect for a women who loves her pedicures.

If you want to make it really special you can get her a gift certificate to her favorite spa too.

Click banner below to shop.


Nov 11 2009

Gift For the Law Student

Who doesn’t love Sky Mall? 

I found lots of great gift ideas while I was traveling last week in one of my fav mags … Sky Mall.

This Passing the Bar game is a great, personal and thoughtful gift for a Grad Student.


Nov 11 2009

Dining Table Ping-Pong

The Paper Source is secretly one of my favorite stores in Chicago (it also happens to be right across the street from my new apartment).

Don’t let the name fool you, it has great stuff besides Paper.  Lots of fun little gifts like this Dining Table Pink Ping-Pong Set. (or beer pong)

It also has a “desk” version if you are ever at work and need to squeeze in a quick game. 

Paper Source




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