Oct 13 2009

Chalkboard Picture Frame

A fun gift from kids to parents…they can design whatever they’d like and then change it as many times as they want! 


Oct 11 2009

Same Day Gift Needs – Head to Birmingham’s Lori Karbal’s

Lori Karbal is kind of every women’s dream store – make up, jewelry, candles, the works. 

They have lots of unique gift ideas for the holidays as well.  It’s a perfect place if you are in a time crunch and need to head to the store to get a bunch of last minute things.

Silver Pouch w/ ballet flats and reusable bag – $22.00 (perfect for a working girl)

Manicure set in in a Mouse Case – $22.00 (Also great gift for working girl)


Oct 11 2009

Give A Power Mat

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Powermat is one the coolest new gadgets ever.  
It has one plug and then wirelessly charges your iphone, ipod, blackberry, camera, etc.  
Look it up if you want to know exactly how it works, but it’s something about “magnetic induction”. 
Great gift for pretty much anyone…especially someone who travels a lot.

Click on the link above to check it out. 

Oct 9 2009

Give Some Old Soul, New Heart

 Old Soul, New Heart is a mother/daugter duo with some great taste. 

Adorable necklaces and hair pieces. Think bows, flowers but with a slightly vintage twist.

Resonably priced.  Great holiday gift for moms from daughters or vice versa.



Oct 7 2009

Give a Paper Cut Out of The Big City

I know it looks like a drawing from this picture but this is actually a super intricate paper cut out of New York City.  

If you look really closely it has adorable little pictures of all different parts of NY.

Great gift for someone moving to the big city. 



Oct 6 2009

Dig Into Samantha’s Closet

Check out Samantha’s Closet 2009 line!

Adorable, girly and totally unique necklaces.                                            

Great options for your holiday wishlist. 

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for 2010.

Oct 4 2009

Living Witnesses

This is an unbelievable book of photographs featuring local Detroit area Holocaust survivors.  

Moving, inspiring, and a timeless tribute. 

“The book is a testament to the strong spirit of survival – not only of the Jewish people but also of anyone who suffers and overcomes.”

All profits are distributed to local Holocaust survivors in need. 



Oct 2 2009

For The One Who Forgets Everything

I’ve always wanted something like this…
Perfect gift for someone who tends to misplace things.

And they are actually pretty cute too. 

Great gift for Mom or Dad


Oct 1 2009

Give Mom Grab & Dry Gloves

Perfect, fun gift for Mom.

These gloves let you do the dishes without screwing up your manicure and without having to constantly grab and put down a towel.

Makes doing the dishes slightly more fun.

Click the link above to purchase -$19.95


Oct 1 2009

Amathyst Scepter Bullet Necklace

Guess whose birthday it is in about 2 weeks?  Mine!   

I will now officially start the “what to get Lindsay for her birthday” guide.    

 This can be option #  1         
 Amethyst is my semi-new favorite color.  It’s in a bullet casing, which is just cool. And it’s from Esty.  




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