Oct 30 2009

With Love, From Aruba

I am heading out to Aruba in a few hours with two of my best girlfriends 🙂 

I hate to break it to you, but there will be zero blogging done during my week of bliss … so I thought I’d post some links to friends’ site’s who I like and think you should check out!  Enjoy. 



Oct 27 2009

Design a Pair of One-of-a-Kind Kicks

The new Converse site lets you completely design your own personalized pair of Converse.

You can pick what color/pattern/design you want for even the littlest details on your shoes.

Definitely a gift no one else will have.



Oct 25 2009

Create a Custom Caricature

This site will create a caricature of anything you’d like – just send in some photos. They have a great gallery with different ideas people have done.

This is what I gave to my girlfriends for High School Graduation, it was a big hit. 



Oct 25 2009

Oct 22 2009

Magazines Are A Perfect Thoughtful Yet Easy Holiday Gift

Magazines.com, Inc. 
I know I am biased since I work in the magazine industry, but I really do think magazines are a great gift, especially for the holidays.

They are normally less than $15, keep coming every month and you can pick out of 2,000 different titles to perfectly fit anyone’s age/taste/interests.  

Some great Hearst options –  Marie Claire For Her,  Esquire for Him, and of course… Good Housekeeping For Mom.

Oct 22 2009

Great Local Detroit Boutique – Zeiben Mare

Fire Starters – $16.95

Grab and Dry Towels – $20.00

Hugging Grandma Book – $13.00

Zeiben Mare
32800 Franklin Rd # 101
Franklin, MI 48025-1114
(248) 539-8879

GREAT place for last minute gift needs in Metro Detroit.  Be prepared to add a few things to your personal wish list after a visit to this great Franklin shop.   I haven’t had a chance to check out their new space yet, but I can’t wait! 

Oct 22 2009

Send Someone a Pick-Me-Up Via ITunes

So not only am I officially obsessed with the new show, Glee, but I am also obsessed with the soundtrack.  

Send it to someone on Itunes if they need a little pick-me-up. 

You can’t help but be in a good mood after listening to this.



Oct 22 2009

Give a Completely Customized Element Bar

” Element Bars” let’s you customize your own ingredients (or elements) of a personalized nutrition bar.  

You can literally pick every ingredient you do or don’t want in your bar on their web site, they will make them, and send them on over to you.  The site is really fun to play around with and even changes the nutrition label as you are adding ingredients so you know exactly what you are eating.

It’s even cuter that you can customize the labels. 

It’s a perfect gift for a health conscious friend or family member.

This was a great idea sent in from a reader – keep ’em coming! We are always looking for new ideas.


Oct 20 2009

Recreate Memories With Miniatures

I don’t think I would have any ideas left for my site if it weren’t for my favorite place in the digital world … etsy. 

This artist will recreate any custom memory you would like with 1/4 inch miniature people.  They are made to go in a planter box or a moss terranium if you happen to have any of those laying around.



Oct 14 2009

Give A Deck Of Bar Cards – Playing Cards Redeemable for your Liquor of Choice

For $30 you can give your biggest vice loving friend a full deck of cards and $520 worth of drinks at bars around Chicago.

Each card in the deck is redeemable for $10 at different chicago bars.  And it’s a pretty good list of bars too -English, Pops, Motel Bar, Redmonds and Sheffield’s. 

It’s a great deal and a really fun gift. Imagine all the drinking games you could come up with?                           

Sounds almost too good to be true.  Check it out for yourself.




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