Sep 29 2009

Celebrity Pinatas – Who Doesn’t Wanna Smack Speidi Around a Little?

“At, we don’t condone violence, we just think even the famous deserve a swift spanking every now and again.”

Forget the donkey at your next party and hang a Pinata shaped like Sarah Palin from your ceiling.

Funny…mean, but funny.


Sep 26 2009

Largest Gummy Bear in the World

World's Largest Gummy Bear   

Send a giant Gummy Bear to someone who loves them! 

It is 88 times the size of a regular gummy bear and comes on a stick for easy snacking.  

Click picture above to shop.



Sep 25 2009

Kind of the Creepiest/Coolest Gift Ever…A Mini You

You…just smaller! 

For $180 you can give anyone you’d like a mini, handmade, creepily realistic doll of yourself. 

Maybe one for your parents before you graduate? Or one to your bf/gf so they always have you around? Or one for yourself so when you’re old you never forget how good you once looked?

So creepy….but I have a feeling some of you will eat this up.


Sep 23 2009

Message in a Bottle

Great gift to spice up a long distance relationship.

It comes with three blank scrolls so you can write one, send it along and hope you get something back in return.

Boys take note and show her your romantic side.


Sep 20 2009

Emergency Chocolates, Great Emergency Gift Idea

Everyone needs a little emergency chocolate fix sometimes. This is a great inexpensive gift to stock up for last minute gift needs that might come about!

On Sale! Only $5.95




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