Dec 18 2014

Congratulations to Jen B. our #WINITALL Giveaway Winner


Huge thanks to everyone who entered our holiday #WINITALL giveaway.   Congratulations to our winner, Jen B!


Dec 18 2014

15 Gifts You Can Order Last Minute Gifts on Amazon Prime

We all wait last-minute, it’s okay! If you follow us, you know we are huge fans of Amazon Prime.  They have pretty much everything and you can always get it with Free 2 Day Shipping which is a wonderful, wonderful thing for all you last-minute gifters out there.

1. FitBit Activity Tracker


2. #GirlBoss Book


3. Jambox Wireless Speakers


4. Temporary Tattoos


5. Awkward Family Photos Game


6. Aromatherapy Essential Oils


7. Frends Rose Gold Headphones


8. Poloroid iPhone Photo Printer


9. Fold Up Blanket for 2


10. Gold Mophie Charging Case 


11. FitBit Tory Burch Designer Cases


12. LeSportsac Tote


13. I Would Cuddle You So Hard Tee


14. GoPro Hero Video Camera


15. Amazon Fire Streaming System




Dec 17 2014

10 Romantic Things to Do For Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend this Holiday

Holiday Romantic Gift Ideas

1. Record a sentimental video on your iPhone

2. Rent his favorite sports car for the night

3. Take Her Ice Skating

4. Make a Buzz Feed with all the Reasons You Love Them

5. Make a Cuddle Kit for 2 (Wine, Chocolates, DVDs in a basket)

6. Make a Custom Crossword Puzzle 

7. Give a Subscription Box – Our top 10 services here

8. Send them a funny dancing JibJab Card using your photos (Let’s get physical is our favorite)

9. Compile a playlist and some favorite photos and save to a USB

9. Send them on a Scavenger Hunt

10. Gift a Hulu or Netflix Subscription – and commit to watching an entire season of their show of choice


Dec 16 2014

White Elephant Gifts You’ll Want To Keep


There’s no doubt that White Elephant Parties are always a blast but don’t the gifts always seem.. kind of pointless? We suggest that you and your friends vamp it up this year. We’ve come up with a list of potential gifts that stick with the traditional theme of white elephant parties, but have a little more staying power! And the best part? They are all $25 or less! Get to gifting!


Mixology Dice

Mixology Dice

What will you drink post White Elephant party? Let the dice decide! Roll the dice to reveal the recipes for yummy drinks! // $25


Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity is our go to game when we just want to hang with friends!! //$25


Jello Shots Syringes


Make jello shots even more fun! These syringe shots are sure to add flair to any upcoming party! //$19


Self Stirring Mug

self stirring mug

You may laugh, but this is the ultimate gift for the lazy girl in the morning! It even comes with a lid! We definitely want it.. //$20


Ain’t No Wifey Beanie

Wifey Hat


Perfect for the girl with LOTS of sass. We think this is fab! Who could be disappointed leaving a White Elephant with this in tow? //$25


Chrome Gun Coffee Mug

Chrome Gun Coffee

This screams “Don’t talk to me, it’s WAY too early”. So edgy, so fierce. //$12


Face Bank

Face Bank

A piggy bank that literally eats your money! The mouth even moves when your hand gets close to it! //$14.95


Every single item can be purchased through TGI right now! What’s your go to White Elephant gift? Tell us about it in the comments!



Dec 11 2014

TGI Tips: Ways to Stay Sane While Finding Your Holiday Gifts

Happy Holiday Shopping


  • Start the habit of having signature “go-to gift” for each type of person on your list: hostess, coworker, friend, etc.  It saves you time and you end up having your own style of gift-giving each season.


  • Can’t find a substantial enough gift for someone on your list? Find a few small gifts they’ll love and put them all in a cute DIY gift package.  Try using a practical vessel like a chic ice bucket or square vase.


  •  Don’t get too crazy with DIY gifts for the Holidays unless you are a seasoned DIY-er.   It’s easier to plan DIY gifts throughout the year vs the holidays when you have so many people on your list.


  • Know what apps to use – Huckster, track when an item goes on sale.  Poachit, a bookmarklet to find coupon codes, Swirl, deals when you walk in a store


  •  When shopping for gifts for out of town family and friends, try using national chains that have stores in their area so they can easily return or exchange if they need.

Dec 10 2014

Dec 5 2014

Dec 3 2014

Dedicated Post: New Gift List App WyshMe


We love finding new ways to make gift-giving super simple and easy.

It’s a stressful time of year, and anything that helps make getting and giving what you want easier, we love trying out!

We’ve been playing around on a new app, WyshMe  that aims to help busy people (especially all you time-starved Moms out there) share gift ideas with your family and friends and build WyshLists for everyone in the family. This way all your gift lists are organized in one spot, not 20 emails or a pile of ripped out and circled catalogue pages and hopefully everyone can actually get what they want this year.  The app works with over 100 merchants so you can find items from stores you already shop at.

Test it our for yourself and registry at and also enter their Sweepstakes, once a week, they randomly select a Wysh and reward the sender with a $100 gift card to make that Wysh come true.

Follow The Gift Insider’s board WyshMe WyshList Board on Pinterest.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with WyshMe.”


Dec 1 2014

TGI Advice: Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Cyber Monday Tips

  • We’ve rounded up some of our Shopping Tips to help you on the biggest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday!
  • Shop from the bottom up. Hit view all and then shop from the bottom of the sales page to the top. Everyone else will be shopping top down, and things at the top will sell out faster.
  • Sign up for your favorite online retailers on social media – they often use their social sites as a way to reward their fans with exclusive or first look coupon codes
  • Search #CyberMonday to monitor trends, and see what deals everyone else is snagging
  •  Best things to buy on CyberMonday: Clothes, Travel Deals, Beauty Supplies, Winter Accessories like Scarves and Hats
  • FatWallet & let you look at deals before hand so you can be prepared when shopping.

Nov 30 2014

Gifts to Help You Toast to Cold Weather

Holiday Cookie Banner

No holiday celebration is complete without festive treats! In order to prepare you, we’ve put together a list of ultimate holiday goodies. These DIY projects and festive desserts are sure to get the party started. Happy celebrating!


Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleighs

These candy sleighs are the perfect table favors for a holiday table. Also a great DIY project to do with the whole family. Love it!  // From Just Say Sew


Chocolate Dipped Wine Bottle

Chocolate Dipped Wine Bottle

The holidays are not the time to be boring. Spice up your favorite bottle of wine with a yummy chocolate casing! // Currently available on




Make a signature drink for your guests this holiday season. We think the candied rims are so cute.. all of your guests are sure to appreciate them!! //From A Spicy Perspective


Hot Chocolate Kits

Hot Chocolate Kits

The perfect small gift. Give to your neighbors to spread holiday cheer! //From Bargain Blessings


Gift a Feast 

Gift a Feast

You already know we LOVE subscription gifts.. who can say know to food that never ends? // Currently available on

What are some of your favorite holiday treats? Let us know in the comments!!




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