Custom Aerial View Photos on Canvas BirdsViewArt
BirdsView Art
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Gorgeous & amazing custom aerial photos over anywhere in the U.S. The artist passionately combines science & art by capturing our beautiful earth & the now available perspective of a bird's-eye view. Perfect gift for anyone that has a place that is special to them: a favorite vacation place, childhood home, current neighborhood, favorite golf course... 20x16'' thick gallery wrapped canvas print on artisan archival canvas. Professional backing, ready to hang. $99

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August 16, 2016 08:44 PM
I\'ve purchased two of these pieces for myself and one as a gift.  Mine are the highlight of my living room and the gift was absolutely loved!  Pick a spot on the planet that is special to you, and you\'ll love the results.  They are printed on a high-quality canvas and look gorgeous.